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Twitter has been a long-standing platform for social media and marketing since its creation. Basically you have a new system for getting people to track you and subscribe to your posts that you could do every ten minutes or once a week. Due to the sheer overload of posts on everyone's twitter this means that you have full right to post whatever you want about your product or service whenever you would like to and almost no one will get annoyed. This will be different towards everyone as people will have different numbers of followers and such, but usually Twitter is a great place to bounce some ideas off of your customers and receive some feedback. For this reason Twitter also makes a great place for online website promotion due to the social and viral nature of the website.

One lesser-known method for creating a viral tweet is to use specific keywords to get people to want to retweet yours. Many times you will see people just putting the letters RT or writing retweet inside of their tweet but this commonly seems tacky and not thoughtful. Frankly, no one wants to constantly read the word retweet in someone's tweet and it makes for angry followers, which is not something we want. Ok so back to the new method for promoting your website or whatever link you need clicked on, is that since Twitter automatically will turn your link into a shortened form with, you should post a rather vague tweet along with the link that makes people want to click on it. For example you need to get creative and start thinking of new ways or things that your followers would be looking for and then throw those into the tweet to spruce things up and have people just subconsciously reach for your link without even having to think about it. You could offer up a contest or some sort of feature where you engage your readers which will make them much more aware of what you are writing and that can also help you get more followers so that you start growing your user base and next time you need to get your followers involved you will have a much larger impact. As time goes on you will begin to realize just how effective these types of social marketing campaigns can be.

Finally lets finish these Twitter tips off with one other new method for promoting your website through the social marketing structure that Twitter has become. Focus on getting your followers engaged in what you have to offer and that will lead to you gaining many more people, try to have fun and almost forget that you are going to be promoting a website in the future, and that way you will be able to get a good idea of what your followers are really looking for. This will allow you to do a much better job of your Twitter promotional campaigns which will in turn give you a very solid ability to promote your own web pages.

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