8 Pinterest Accounts Web-Savvy Users Should Follow

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8 Pinterest Accounts you Should Follow


Yes, you read the title right. Pinterest isn't just for brides-to-be, moms, fashionistas, or artists anymore, it's now a social site for anyone who's interested in pretty much anything. While it's true that a vast majority of Pinterest members fall under the above-mentioned categories, over the past few months, the site has been slowly but surely diversifying its user base.

More and more people from various fields are joining the site, and whether you're an entrepreneur, a marketer, or an Internet geek, you're sure to find several Pinboards that are worth following.

Speaking of Internet geeks, we scoured the Pinterest world for accounts that web-savvy users will find both useful and entertaining. If you consider yourself a person of the web, and you already have a Pinterest account, be sure to check out our list below.

1. Mark Zuckerberg – The Facebook CEO joined Pinterest earlier this month, and caused a stir in the blogosphere. Is Zuckerberg simply interested in pinning stuff, or is he scouting the competition? Either way, at the time of writing this, he has already created 11 boards and is being followed by over 4000 users. The pinboards that Zuckerberg currently has include "Movies", "Group Bucket List", "Most Anticipated Tech", "Random Stuff I Like", and more. Check out his page and get a glimpse of the things that Zuck finds interesting.

2. The Next Web – Considered as one of the top tech blogs on the web, its Pinterest account description pretty much says it all: "TNW pins geeky and tech related things that trigger our interest, inspire and entertain us!" Some of the things that TNW pinned include "Tech & Photography", "Desktop Inspiration", "Tech Hall of Fame", and "Vintage Tech", among others. Indeed, if you're looking for an account that's filled with all things tech, The Next Web is a must-follow.

3. CNET – If you're looking to pin things that are more on the hardware side of tech, CNET is a great place to start. The account has a lot of great pinboards showcasing the coolest gadgets out there. Be sure to check out "Design & Protototypes", "Smartphones", and "Gadgets." It isn't all about hardware though. CNET also has pinboards full of useful tips. Check out the boards entitled "Facebook Guides & Secrets", "Tech Tips", and "Geeky DIY" for some useful info.

4. Francisco Rosales – His blog, Social Mouths, was recently awarded as the #1 Social Media Blog of 2012 by Social Media Examiner. Naturally, Rosales' Pinterest account is just as interesting. Aside from a hefty collection of social media infographics, he also has a great board called "Awesome Sauce" filled with pins that would really inspire bloggers (or just about anyone).

5. Jon Jantsch – Simply put, Jantsch "is a marketing consultant and author of Duct Tape Marketing and The Referral Engine and the founder of the Duct Tape Marketing Consultant Network." We previously mentioned his blog here, and if you're not following his posts yet, you definitely should. Same goes for his Pinterest account. Aside from pinning items that are useful to marketers, Jantsch pins a lot of creative and "feel good" posts that can really motivate you to do something productive.

6. Mashable – The fact that Mashable has a Pinterest account should come to no surprise, as it's always one of the first websites to report about social media and the web. At the time of writing this, Mashable has 13 Boards about various topics. The tech blog has a couple of useful boards, including "Tips and Tricks" which is all about information on navigating the web. It also has a board full of infographics, for users who need data. Additionally, Mashable has a bunch of entertainment boards, such as "Web Humor" and "Geeky Valentines."

7. Marketing Land – We've cited Marketing Land in this blog several times, as a great source for Internet news. And as you would have thought, the website's Pinterest account is no different. Marketing Land has specific boards that cover various corners of the Web. Need some data and information on Social Media marketing? Marketing Land has a board for that. There's also a pinboard for Mobile, Internet Marketing, Email Marketing, Google, Facebook, Apple, and others. Indeed, Marketing Land's Pinterest account isn't just eye candy for Internet marketers; it could also serve as a goldmine for professors teaching Marketing or Social Media.

8. Ben Silbermann – If you feel that you need a break from all the geeky Internet things, then Ben Silbermann, the co-founder of Pinterest, is a great account to follow. He has about 69 boards about various topics, so you're sure to find a something that interests you. Blow off some steam and check out his numerous pinboards. Some of our favorites include "Design in Everyday Things", "Coffee Table Books", and "Incredible Technology."

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