Why You Have To Buy Website Traffic Regardless Of Your SEO Strategy

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Do you really have to buy website traffic? Yes. Yes you do. There is this idea floating around the Internet that you have two choices when it comes to attracting visitors to a website: you can either buy website traffic or you can obtain "organic traffic" through the search engines. The argument is a false dichotomy and needs to be put to rest.


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Organic Traffic

Organic traffic is website traffic that originates from non-paid search results. Major search engines have two types of listings: paid and unpaid. Unpaid listings are, as the name implies, unpaid. Google uses a computer program called a "robot" (i.e. "Googlebot") to analyze your website's content and layout. It then ranks your website based on how relevant it thinks your website is for the keywords you are trying to target on your site.

The whole idea behind organic rankings is that they are supposed to be objective. Because website owners haven't paid to be included in the search engine, it is assumed that no one can buy his way into a top listing in the search results. The end result is that users get the best possible, most relevant, information based on their search query.

Paid Listings

Paid search listings are like classified ads. On Google, they're called "adwords." They're the ads that appear on the right side of the search results page, and sometimes on the very top of the search results. The ads are marked as "sponsored listing."

You must pay Google on a "per click" basis for these positions in the search results. In other words, every time a person clicks on one of these ads, you are charged a fee. The fees depend entirely on the keywords targeted in the ad, how relevant the ad is to the landing page you choose to direct visitors to once they click on the ad, and several other factors that make up something called a "quality score."

It's well known that these ads are wickedly expensive - especially for competitive niches.

The Fallacy of Free Traffic

There's no such thing as free traffic and here's why: you pay for the search engine listing regardless of the type of listing you receive. This should be obvious. The entire SEO industry is set up to take your money, as a website owner, and help you get top rankings in major search engines.

Some of these SEO companies charge top dollar for their services too. It's not uncommon to pay $5,000, $10,000, even $25,000 per month for SEO services from major SEO companies. These companies will write articles, build backlinks, send out press releases, analyze your website and make suggestions for improvements in layout and content, and even help you connect with your target market via social media websites.

Just because you're not paying a search engine for traffic doesn't mean you aren't paying for traffic. You're still paying an SEO company because you hope it will result in increased traffic to your website. SEO isn't a one-time expense. Most SEO companies will suggest that you need to continue paying for their services every month - indefinitely. There is no end to the cost. In that sense, you're going to be paying for traffic as long as you own the website.

The real choice is not between paying for traffic and getting free traffic. It's choosing the method by which you will obtain your traffic and choosing how you will pay for it.

A Smarter Choice

It used to be that banner ads and ad networks promised a consistent flow of traffic to your website for a monthly fee. The fee covered a text advertisement, banner ad, or some other type of advertisement. These ads were placed directly on a website that was already receiving a heavy volume of traffic.

Today, this method of buying website traffic is becoming rare. If you can find an ad broker or online advertising agency that's willing to sell you traffic the old fashioned way, take advantage of it. Many times, you will pay less for this kind of traffic than for a paid placement in a major search engine. Some of the better companies out there will even let you filter where your traffic comes from. It doesn't get much better than that.

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