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Staying ahead of the curve is one of the most desired traits in an online marketer or anyone trying to monetize an online platform. This can be found in many different ways but mainly a website dev will want to keep their website up to date with the latest technology and software to keep people coming in. Traffic plays a very important role in websites and therefore people need to have a reason to come to websites. It used to be that high quality content was enough to keep users at any website but now that the entire cyber world is very filled with websites of every type, it is unlikely for you to start up a site that hasn't been done before. Occasionally this is done and the owners of the website become very wealthy due to the low possibility of this happening and the low competition in a field. Most social networks try to bring something new into the scene as they open up for people because otherwise they will just be forgotten as user and brand identity plays an integral role into what websites people visit also.

The Viral Video Effect
As we previously mentioned the most important part of running a website is very quickly shifting away from content creation in regards to higher search engine optimization and generally a need for more visitors and traffic. If you have noticed a new way for brick and mortar business' to gain traffic is through heavy online advertising. People are only beginning now to see how powerful of a system for marketing and advertisement the web has become. Furthermore, in this regard the users have actually realized for a long time just how many websites gain revenue through advertising. People have been complaining about previously free to use websites being overcome with tons of annoying advertising and for this reason the conventional terms of marketing online have already started to change. This leads us into the more revolutionary ideas that new types of marketing need to be adopted for a website to stay in the running for a large amount of website viewers. It is almost ignorant to assume a website that has previously gotten large amounts of organic traffic purely from content will be able to survive off of that same content without any change, now is the time to adopt the new methods and to secure your place in the ever-changing online space. One of the ways that you can view the changing of advertising is entirely from the way that ads are created these days. Basically everyone wants to make a commercial, or rather some media that is using either product placement or direct advertisement, onto users media sites and then get free advertising. Viral videos are being made increasingly every single month due to their amazing effect on the online crowd. You can basically create an ad and have people spend their relaxation time watching it if you add in enough enjoyment into the ad to the point that it doesn't even feel like you are watching an ad. Viral videos are some of the best and most competitive ways to advertise a website these days, but don't assume that getting amazing amounts of free organic traffic will come with ease, a lot of time and work still needs to be put into your marketing efforts or people will grow tired of the obvious attempt at gaining viewership.

Onsite SEO For Pages
Another great way to boost your website's traffic creations is through the use of onsite SEO. Viral videos and social media creation efforts do not count in this region and therefore can complement each other in moderation. The thought process behind how much of each marketing strategy to implement is a very fine system and takes lots of finesse to find a strong balance. This is definitely a skill that needs time and effort to make sure that you are using your resources to your best benefit. Back to the user of onsite SEO, search engine optimization is a very up and coming trait for websites, and you may currently be thinking that SEO has been around a very long time you would be correct but there are new forms of SEO which need to be taken into account these days for the best outcome. There are some good and some rather negative forms of SEO which can be used these days which will end up affecting your website in a positive or negative way, respectively. One example of bad online SEO is how JCPenny attempted to game the system a few years ago by spamming their own SEO onto new websites that were just created for the sheer point of advertising JCP's own website. Eventually when their trick started to work best and people started to gain knowledge of their shady attempt they were heavily sandboxed by Google and had to go all the way back to the drawing board. In the end it is not entirely known if the rather blackhat SEO worked to their advantage because it definitely created some extra sales during the holiday and winter season but it ended up with a large lack of SEO for what was a super-power in it's prime days.

There for the best way that we can recommend for getting your website up in the traffic stats is to use intelligent SEO to pad your organic traffic needs. Websites have needed more traffic since the beginning of the Internet and will continue to need an influx of traffic until the last day of the Internet... if that ever occurs. But in the end the most important idea presented to you in this piece is that the method and type of traffic that you use to gain more for your website will affect you in various ways, which will all end up differently depending on what your website's needs are. The method that you use to gain traffic will have just as much of an affect or even larger than the sheer money you spend on it and the people that you use to accomplish your goals. In this field, and now more than ever, the idea that quality of traffic efforts is immensely more important than the quantity of money you spend on it or other resources like your time. Focus on getting the best SEO, the best online web traffic, and you will see your website demonstrate great growth.

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