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Landing pages play a very integral role in marketing a website or product to an online user base. It is fairly accepted across the board that a landing page is needed to solidify people's positions on a website and to get a greater amount of visitors to continue on and see if the website is correct for them. Having non-targeted users enter your website anything other than increasing your pure page views is entirely nonsensical. Basically if you are just trying to raise a meaningless number about your website for your own ego then there is no point in trying to run a real website, a website needs visitors but it needs the correct amount of targeted visitors to truly thrive and end up becoming something great. The passion that drives someone to create a website and run it depending on the specific niche should always be prevalent and there should always be an underlying reason that a person will make the website in the first place. Some people are completely content on running a website for purely informational purposes and will make sure to not include any type of advertising on their website but this info does not necessarily apply to them, but in the other case where they still want their website to continue to grow and prosper while gaining lots of new visitors everyday a landing page will still be needed. To start off we will examine and figure out what a landing page really is and why they can differ greatly for many different kinds of websites.

Different Kinds of Landing Pages
Every website will try to convince their users that they have the best content out of any of their competitors, so yes, this does mean that if you have no competitors you can have any level of content on your page because no one else is there to take your visitors away but this case is extremely rare. Furthermore, if you are in this position you will not be able to say that you are the sole owner of a website's specific niche topic for very long because as you grow and gain lots of page views every day eventually someone will realize that you are producing a website which does not stand up to its own belief system. People want an organized and beautiful website that they can go to, for the purpose that they choose, and sometimes you will not be able to completely satisfy all of your users which is why you need to play the numbers game and attempt to make the vast majority of your users happy. A landing page in this instance will play one of the best and most important roles in getting your visitors to be happy and will solidify the idea into your users minds that you are trying to give them the best time on your website. There are a few different reasons why this theory is correct but in the end you will always try to make sure that your website's users are happy and then they will in turn make you happy with helping you get to your monthly or weekly goals. As mentioned previously this doesn't even only apply to people who are attempting at making revenue's from advertisement on their own pages because informational websites like Wikipedia are bringing in enough money to pay for many servers dedicated to their website, and all of the costs associated with it, along with all of their staff which cost thousands and thousands of dollars every single year. Notice how Wikipedia does not generate any money at all from ads, but instead makes their quota by keeping people happy, and then getting donations from them.

One Landing Page to Rule them all
In the online world of websites there is not really one type of landing page that can be used and will be equally effective for any website. Every single website will have a different audience in some sort of way and therefore will need to adapt to the situation and change their website up for their specific users to take into account their needs and desires. It may seem odd to you right now that this much preparation is taken into account when creating a website but this is the essential way that online websites work and how marketing in the first place is able to occur. The websites that process the right data in the right ways and make the most intelligent choices will be the ones that gain their users support and end up creating a much larger and widely used website. Competition may be healthy but there is no reason why you should just give up the fight and concede to your enemies because you will always have the ability to win against them until the exact second when they take the lead. In SEO and other ranking systems as well as all the sources of organic traffic and entirely due to their process once you lose the top spot to a competitor it is then their race to lose. At this point it is actually up to the other website to make a mistake that you can pounce forward and take the spot, never allow your competitors to get this opportunity, and as we have shown today one of the best ways to accomplish this is by having a very strong and forward speaking landing page that allows your website to get large conversion rates as well as a high click through percentage. Landing pages are proving themselves to be one of the strongest portions of the online marketing scene just because of how easy it can be to create a strong and effective page if you know how to utilize your users and page views to the best of your ability. Once you have taken these first steps you will begin to notice that over time you will get better and better at creating strong landing pages, with increase experience your numbers will also increase and therefore with the right amount of effort you will always be increasing your daily page views, and web traffic will seem easily than ever to control.

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