How To Use Blog Comments To Increase Your Page Rankings?

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Blog commenting can be a great strategy for improving traffic for your website and generate more number of leads for your business. Besides, it makes good sense to use blog commenting for the purpose of branding and providing a unique identity to your products in the market. They can be useful in offering greater publicity to your business by generating high quality backlinks for your website. Additionally, blog commenting can be valuable for promoting and selling your products to a large target audience. By using this marketing tool, you can attract more number of visitors to your website and create high demand for your products in the market.

Now, blog commenting can be the best way to engage an online community of users and build new professional contacts in the industry. In this way, you can get lot of new business opportunities with potential clients and improve the popularity of your website. Additionally, providing valuable comments on other people’s blogs can also encourage other visitors to view your blog. In this way, you can divert traffic to your website and provide wider publicity to your online products.

There are a couple of factors that you need to keep in mind, while using blog comments to increase your page rank on the search engines. You may come across many sites that allow” do follow” links and they can be really useful in improving your website ranking. As a result, you can boost the page rankings and also drive high volume traffic to your website. It also make a lot of difference when you comment on blogs that have a high page ranking as there is a greater possibility of getting high quality backlinks to your website using this method.


7 top tips for using blog comments to get high page rankings:

Comment on relevant blogs
You can choose from different topics to leave your blog comments but that may not work out to be the best approach for achieving success in your marketing efforts. Instead, it may be a good idea to provide blog comments on a niche that is relevant to your area of expertise or closer to the products offered by your company. Suppose you are selling weight loss equipments, then it does not make sense to comment on blog posts related to latest mobile phones in the market.

Provide valuable comments
Blog commenting offers you an opportunity to build a positive relationship with the online community from different backgrounds and individual interests. Hence, you need to utilize the need of the readers and leave some meaningful comments on the blog that will provide a new perspective on the topic and keep the conversation going on. You could also offer some interesting suggestions or tips through blog commenting on topics that are relevant to your field.

Stay away from negative criticism
There may be lot of times when you may have different views and opinions on a particular subject or an issue. In such cases, it is important to state them clearly in your blog comments without offending anyone or showing disrespect to others. Remember that your online reputation may be at stake and it may even harm your business prospects with potential clients, if you use any rude remarks in your blog comments.

Create curiosity among the readers
You may have lots of interesting information or tips to share through your blog comments but it may not be such a great idea to give away all the information at once. There must be some element of secrecy or surprise that generates enthusiasm and curiosity in the online visitors to seek more information in the future. Give your target audience some time to think and respond back to you by providing links to your website so that they are encouraged to read your blog comments more often.

Engage the online visitors
One way of building a long lasting relationship with your potential customers is by providing them with prompt response on their blog comments. If you can appreciate their efforts and reply back on their blog comments, then there is a greater chance of more number of online visitors coming back to you in the future. You can even address their queries by using blog comments that can leave a positive impression on the minds of potential customers.

Have regular conversations
It is important to build a sound rapport with your target audience and ensure that there is always a two-way communication between both of you. You can engage your readers in interesting conversations and provide valuable insights or share your experiences using blog comments. Sometimes, there is a great deal to learn from the blog comment discussions and share new ideas that may be useful to the online community on the whole. In this way it can encourage more number of visitors who may be interested in viewing your website and buying your online products.

Be consistent in your approach
One of the best ways to build traffic to your website and increase page rankings is by maintaining a consistent level of interaction with your potential customers. It is necessary to engage your online audience by posting relevant blog comments and keep them interested in your conversation. Maybe, spending a few minutes daily to glance through the blog posts and leaving your valuable comments could make a lot of difference to your online business.


Thus blog commenting can be incredibly useful for promoting your online products, building credibility among the customers and increase your page ranking to help increase your customer base. Besides, it is the best method for building more number of links for your website and generates greater publicity for your business. This strategy has proven to increase more number of visitors to the websites by attracting high quality traffic using the search engines. Additionally, it is one of the most cost effective methods of building traffic for your online business and an effective approach for creating some amazing back links.

However, it is important to do a bit of research on the most popular blogs related to your niche and start commenting on them as they can have maximum influence on your target audience. Every time, you can add more valuable information and comments on the blog posts and ensure more number of visitors to your website in this way.

Lot of marketers use blog commenting as a marketing tool to communicate and build long lasting relationship with their customers. Even small businesses can make good use of this technique to promote their brands in the market and build recognition for their products in the long term. Sometimes, it may be important to make smart and intelligent decisions for improving your business prospects. Thus, blog commenting can be a wonderful tool for building your networking capabilities and staying in touch with lot of influential people in the industry.

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