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In case you didn't receive the memo, the Facebook Timeline is officially coming to brand pages, and the social network is giving page owners up to March 30 to spiff up their page timelines. This means highlighting important posts, updating company information, and of course, setting up a cover photo.

Considered as the most prominent feature of the Timeline, the cover photo can either keep your customers on your page or send them packing. It could be your one chance to set a nice first impression with users, so be sure to make it good.

However, if you think that you don't have the artistic chops to create a professional-looking cover photo, don't fret. There are lot of websites and apps out there that enable users to set up a polished cover image in a matter of minutes. No need to brush up on your Photoshop and art skills, these tools can get your cover image up and running in just a few clicks.

Do note though that some of these tools aren't made for Facebook Pages yet, so you may have to save the image on your personal profile first, before adding it to your official brand page. Nonetheless, as Timeline for pages increases in popularity, expect more admin-friendly tools to pop up.

In the mean time, consider our top picks below:



1. – This tool offers a wide range of existing images that you can use as your cover photo. What's cool about it though is that allows users to edit these images by adjusting their hue, saturation, and brightness. Additionally, you'll be able to include text as well as add your own images to make the cover banner more unique. Concerned about privacy? Don't worry. doesn't collect your email address nor does it ask to be linked to your Facebook account. Simply create a cover image, click “Save Timeline Cover” and you're good to go.



2. Cover Photo Finder – This tool is pretty simple and straightforward. It offers numerous stocked images that you're free to use in your Timeline. Just choose the one you like and use it as your cover photo. Keep track of your preferred cover images by “starring” them on the site and marking them as favorites. This also helps the site arrange the selection, as the images are sorted according to their number of stars. Additionally, if you know of any good artists who want to share their work, you can direct them to Cover Photo Finder, as the site also accepts submissions from other users.



3. Pic Scatter – Not too keen on using stocked images? Pic Scatter lets you be the star, and allows you to use your own photos instead. The tool creates a collage out of the images that you uploaded on Facebook. Once your photo montage has been generated, you can also choose to add text and filters to it. Add a caption and tagline to your cover image or even convert it to black and white. Pic Scatter does stamp its name on the cover photo though, but you can get rid of it by activating its premium service for just $1.50 USD.



4. CoverCanvas – Consider this site as a hybrid of the above-mentioned tools. CoverCanvas has a wide range of stocked and ready to use cover images that you can enjoy. On top of that though, just like Pic Scatter, Cover Canvas also lets users create cover images using their own photos. Choose from an array of templates that incorporate a user's own images and select that one that suits your page the best.

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