If Facebook is a Bar then Google+ is a Masonic Lodge

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By imagining what a social network's real life equivalent would be, you get an insight into who hangs out there and what they do. Can you imagine as a charity lunch attended by rich, image conscious women, or as an invitation-only business conference? This is what the most important social networks would be if they left the Internet and became real places.

Imagine as your favourite bar: You go there in your free time, or during your lunch hour, to meet your friends and catch up on the gossip. There is no need to be formal in the bar, as you know everyone that you talk to. Nobody wants to buy anything in the bar, unless it is a really good deal. The clientele isn't quite sure if the barman gets them, or just thinks they as walking wallets! is like a giant networking event in a giant hall. There is no door policy and you can introduce yourself to everyone there. If you don't like what you hear, just walk away and join another conversation. Dedicated networkers and flamboyant personalities get all the attention, while shy wallflowers hang around in the corners watching all the action. is like a business conference that is invitation only. You need to wear a tie to get through the door, and getting drunk or being too loud gets you barred. The joker with the novelty jacket gets ignored, and the real decisions and serious networking takes places in private rooms on the fringes. is like a three-minute business presentation in an office. You need to make your point clearly and concisely or everybody gets bored. Your success depends on what you put up on the screen for everyone to see. Nobody else talks during your presentation, but if it is no good, they have already forgotten it before they leave the room. is like a charity lunch. It is invitation only and everyone cares more about what you wear than what you say. Anyone who tries to sell anything without giving an interesting speech first doesn't get invited back. Most people think it is a waste of time, but its most influential guests use it to project their image. is like a meeting in the town hall. You only go there when you need to find something out. Once you arrive you spend an hour arguing with strangers. Then you leave without finding out anything useful, and promise yourself that you will never go back again. is like a science fiction convention. If you have the best costume, or the rarest comic, everyone flocks around you. If someone else comes along with a better story or costume, your new found friends disappear in seconds. is like a Masonic lodge. Nobody is quite sure what it does, but everyone wants to be a member, just in case it turns out to be important. Even members are worried that it is somehow a sinister organization dedicated to dominating the world!

If social media networks were real places who would visit and what would they do there? Would you spend your time in the town hall, or head to the 24-hour networking meeting in the building. That is the beauty of social media networks: Everyone can find their own spot. The difficulty is often finding out where the people you want to meet are hanging out!

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