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Social networks are some of the coolest and most innovative ways to connect with friends these days which also opens up the door for tons of online marketing and the ability for business' to connect with their fans and send out free advertising directly to their most involved customers. This can work out for a company in two different ways, one is that they get the advertising which would usually cost thousands of dollars to put on a media source like radio or television but for free, and two is that only the most connected people will actually get affected by the ads which makes them targeted and much less likely to annoy people because the guys that are going to receive your promos will be almost opting into the program. In the past these types of programs where people have to choose to be entered into an advertising campaign happened in online emailing from businesses like online retailers who are trying to sell items of varying type to their customers. For this reason they saw highly increased conversion percentages and much greater outcomes in all forms of advertising which is why social networking and social media should be at the top of every advertising program these days.

Using it Correctly
The power that social marketing presents to a company are both powerful and yet can cause problems for a company is used in the wrong way. Viral videos are a solid way to promote a company if it is done correctly and can keep the company’s image in a powerful way but not end up annoying its users. Basically there is a very important way that needs to be made sure of when dealing with social marketing because it can become a dangerous game. You need to take into account the needs of your users and then the needs of your own website. One of the most basic and places where you should start off social marketing is on Facebook. This is the easiest way to start off a fan page or just an advertising page that is linked to your website. All you have to do is start off a basic page on Facebook which is extremely simple and then use your website to start advertising it. This can work in a few different ways but the main way is that you will use both the Facebook page and your website to bounce ideas and people off of each other to further increase the visibility of both pages which in a sense will be targeting two different groups of people which in the end should give you more exposure. This expose will lead to increased web traffic to your site and also increased revenues, almost everything that you aim for in a social marketing campaign, and furthermore will give you a much greater attachment to your customers.

Making a Commitment
One of the best parts of running a social marketing campaign is that it allows you to get closer to your most involved customers which are the people that will end up promoting your company to their friends because they actually enjoy what you have to offer and want to help you out because they value your items, these are the best forms of advertising that you can get in any sense and you need to do everything you can to protect these people from leaving your company. In the end the truly best way to market a product is to get some of them out there into the public and have people start to do all of the work for you by telling their friends and family about your products or services which starts off a chain effect because everyone wants to promote what they purchase if they enjoyed it because it gives them a sense that they did not waste their money. In some cases this can also give the users a sense of entitlement over other customers and this lets you play into their motives for increased effectiveness. If you have ever seen a strong social marketing campaign on a website like Facebook, Youtube, or Twitter you will notice that a lot of the efforts to get more followers actually play off of the idea that people want to promote their items to their friends and will ask people to promote the product through various contests for free merch and this will eventually lead to tons of people entering the contest on the idea that they want free stuff but will have to make a promotion of some sort for your products and after all of this only a few people will win. These types of contests are super effective and a very intelligent way of getting your customers involved with your products more.

Social networking allows companies to further interact with their customers, something that has basically never before been used, and will eventually lead a very seamless transition between work and your personal life. We have seen websites like Google start to collect personal search terms to better the advertising on different targeted websites but this will continue to grow all of the time until the different advertising agencies think that they have saturated the market with enough of this super targeted traffic. Either way there are a few different people who benefit from this program and if you are able to manage your social marketing campaigns effectively you will have all of your followers or fans thinking that they either had a chance or successfully got something out of the relationship between your company and their personal lives. Remember that these are real people you are talking to and these are real people that are helping you promote your own product that you are entirely trying to promote due to your own personal gain, holding onto this mindset and understanding how your customers feel will absolutely help you out in the long run with making sure that you have happy users and successful products.

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