Why Increased Traffic May Not Be The Solution To Your Problem

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Do you have a traffic problem or a conversion problem? The Internet marketing world seems to think that the best way to boost traffic to your website is to just get more visitors. That's so 1990s. Hits don't count for anything these days. It's all about engagement. If you can't engage your audience, you're done. Pack up your stuff and go home.

Hits, Visits, and CTR

SEO experts have trained many a marketing department to pay attention to hits, site visits, and click-through ratios. The latter is dying a hard death because CTR has this air of respectability. After all, it's a click, and a click is an action that can be measured. Marketing people love measurable results. But, there's more to marketing than just measuring. You have to know what you're measuring. Would a 10 percent CTR be a good thing when your sales are down by 50 percent?

Back in the old days of Internet marketing, buying banner ads and setting up pay-per click campaigns was enough. You could generate click-throughs, and that's all you really cared about. The sales came a lot easier. Well, those days are gone. People have heard all of the same, lame, pitches and are pretty burned out on banner ads, pop-ups, and flashing stuff that gets in their way. Users don't want to be bugged with sales pitches on Facebook and Twitter. People are becoming more social on the web.


It's all about conversion. If you ave 1,000 site visitors a day, but you're selling 50 percent of those people then who cares what your CTR is? Honestly, your CTR from an organic search listing could be 5 percent but there's not much you can do about that. Even with paid advertisements, you could be getting a low CTR but decent sales. If your sales are increasing over time, that's all that matters.

Focusing on conversion means you have to build relationships with your customers. You have to become more social. You have to engage your clients in a way that you've never done before. You can't just send them to your site with an offer and expect them to buy. Some might. Many won't. If you stick with old Internet marketing strategies, you'll end up chasing more and more visitors, increasing your ad spend, and ultimately you won't have much to show for it.

How To Focus On Conversion To Increase Sales

If you work on converting the visitors you do have, you will decrease ad spend and increase profits. One way to do this is by starting a mailing list. A mailing list lets you stay in touch with prospects after the first time they come to your website. You can structure the list so that you're sending out a series of autoresponder messages that slowly guides the prospect toward a sale. If you're using a decent autoresponder service, you can segment your list by interest, actions they take, actions they don't take, and even sales they complete or don't complete. This allows you to make customized messages to prospects and existing customers that will keep them coming back to you for more information and products and services.

Even though you're establishing a mailing list, you can periodically send the prospect to your website via the autoresponder follow-up sequences you put together. Realize that a person might visit your website 7 or more times before he decides to buy anything. Once you've filtered your email list down to people who are genuinely interested in what you have to say, though, it becomes less and less a numbers game. You simply don't need 100,000 visitors a month to your site. You could have just 10,000 total visitors, and if they're all signed up to your mailing list, they will keep you in business for as long as you're alive. This is especially true when you continue to refine your product offering over time or have more than one product or service to offer.

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