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Being a marketer-especially an Internet marketer-means that you should be in a continuous learning process. Keeping up with the hottest things that your target audience is in to is essential, since these are the things that will pretty much dictate what people will buy.

Of course, aside from keeping yourself updated with the interests of your target market, it's also crucial to stay in the know with regards to what's happening to the marketing industry as well. Being updated with news as well as the latest marketing tools will allow you to do your job better and stay relevant.

Thankfully, there are numerous people out there that are more than happy to provide useful Internet marketing commentaries and insights. If you're on Twitter (and as an Internet marketer you most definitely should be), here are the top accounts about marketing that you should follow:

1. Greg Sterling (@gsterling) – As the founder of Sterling Market Intelligence, Greg Sterling delves a lot into how various media (both online and offline) affect consumers. He offers tons of insights about how the Internet impacts consumer behavior and is a contributing editor at Search Engine Land. Exploring mobile marketing? Sterling is a good source of information, as he is a “senior analyst for Internet2Go, an advisory service from Opus Research tracking the evolution of the mobile Internet.”

2. Guy Kawasaki (@GuyKawasaki) – Guy Kawasaki focuses on a different side of marketing. Instead of discussing tools and technology, he teaches people how to build relationships and how to make a lasting impression in the minds and hearts of people. His best-selling book, “Enchantment: The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds, and Actions” continues to inspire marketers (and people in general) to reach out to others and turn them into customers (and friends) for life. He is also the founder of, a virtual magazine stand that allows users to find interesting blogs in their industry.

3. B2B Online Marketing (@B2BOnlineMktg) – If you're targeting businesses instead of consumers, then this Twitter account is a must-follow. B2B Online Marketing tweets a lot about business marketing, from getting to know your audience, to the latest marketing events and expos that you should attend. The account touches into various aspects of online marketing including social media, SEO, email, and more.

4. (@toprank) – Need an “all around” source for marketing ideas and tricks? Then be sure to have TopRank in your Twitter stream. This accounts posts daily tweets about just about every facet of Internet marketing, from social and search, to content and email. Aside from tips and commentaries, TopRank also breaks news about the industry in general.

5. Market Motive (@MarketMotive) – It doesn't matter if you're new to the industry or if you've been a marketer for years. Like what we mentioned earlier, Internet marketing is continuous learning process. Market Motive provides one of the best avenues for learning online. It is essentially and Internet school for marketers that provides licensing and certifications. Market Motive offers various marketing courses, including SEO, web analytics, conversion, and public relations, and their instructors range from certified specialists and industry leaders, to authors and speakers. If you need to learn a new marketing skill, or if you want to add an official marketing license or certification to your resume, this is a great place to start.

6. MarketingLand (@marketingland) – We often cite Marketing Land in our blog posts here in the Full Traffic blog, and for good reason. Marketing Land has launched less than six months ago, but it's already one of THE best sources for breaking news in the online marketing industry. Marketing Land is pretty comprehensive with regards to the news that they cover and the authors usually have direct sources or first hand information from the entities that they write about, so you know that the is very credible.

7. Laura Roeder (@lkr) – Miss Roeder may be young, but don't let her age fool your. She is one of the go-to social media marketers of small businesses, and is known for teaching users how to become “famous” in their respective industries. Roeder has coached countless entrepreneurs how to properly use social networks for business, and she constantly tweets techniques and actionable tips that you can use in your social media strategy. From Twitter, to Facebook, to Google+, and even LinkedIn, Roeder is one of the best people to give businesses the scoop about social.

Side note: Twitter accounts are best for being update especially when you're on the go, since the microblogging site allows you to get quick tidbits on what's happening. To get more in depth commentaries and insights about the industry, be sure to check out this post where we discussed the top marketing blogs on the web.

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