Unraveling The Mysteries of Facebook To Boost Traffic To Your Site

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Facebook is still a marketing "black box" as far as most Internet marketers are concerned. The popular social media website allows you to set up a fan page or a public figure page and then advertise it to all of your adoring fans. There's just one problem: how do you get fans and what do you do with them once you have them?



Getting Fans

Getting fans on Facebook is probably best done by going off of the site. Yes, it seems weird, but the easiest way to get more visitors is to buy them. Buying website traffic is pretty "old-school." Most Internet marketers want so-called "free" organic traffic from the search engines. But this kind of traffic won't get you the kind of "likes" on Facebook that you want.

When you advertise your fan page on another ad network, and send people right to your Facebook fan page, you're creating a measurable way to increase your fan base. Most people on the Internet have Facebook (that's a weird thing to think about, isn't it?), so when they come to your fan page, it's pretty easy to sign in and "like your page." Now, you've got 'em.

Marketing To Fans

Facebook is getting exceptionally good at knowing who is interested in what. Even if someone "likes" your fan page, it doesn't automatically mean that they're your customer for life. If your fans don't come to your fan page often, or they don't click on and read your posted stories, then you may fall off the radar. Your fans' walls are populated with all kinds of updates. Many of these will be by family and friends.

In order to stay in front of your audience, you have to advertise to them. It seems odd, but yes you should advertise your page to your fans. While Facebook allows you to throw up advertisements for your page, they also allow you to advertise to people who have already "liked" your page. This keeps you in front of your fans without becoming a nuisance. Your posts and updates can sit in front of your fans while they chat with friends, look at family photos, and do whatever else it is that they do on Facebook.

Don't Annoy People

Marketers sometimes make the mistake of pitching products to fans. Facebook is sort of like a virtual coffeehouse. It's more conversational and less commercial. Yes, there are ads. Yes, Facebook is a business that makes money. But, you know what? That's not the perception most users have of Facebook. Most users come there to have fun.

If you're there trying to sell a product to your fans, you're going to fall flat on your face. If you tailor your ads to bring fans back to your page, you can update them with interesting and exciting news. You can create a sales page that they can click on if they choose to, or create multiple pages for them to view (some with offers, some without), but taking fans to your wall first is a very friendly way to reintroduce them to your business. If you do it often enough, you'll end up with very loyal fans.

It's often not appropriate to take users away from Facebook with an ad. People are expecting to stay on Facebook when they click an ad, if they're expecting to stay on Facebook, and you take them away from Facebook, they're going to hit the "back" button on their browser faster than greased lightning. How do you get people away from Facebook and back to your website? You do a two-step. Take them to your Facebook fan page. Then, offer them the opportunity to go to your website. It could be a sales offer you have that leads them away, but a better option is valuable free information that gets them to sign up to your mailing list. This ties them closer to you and your business and gives you permission to contact them in two ways: via social media and via email. That's incredibly powerful.

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