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SEO is difficult to do if you're not a professional. Even the pros make mistakes. This is why it's probably best to hire an SEO consultant at some point. There are, however, some basic SEO tactics you can take on by yourself. Even though these tactics are basic, there's plenty of room for error.

Link Building

Link building is harder than it sounds. Getting merit-based backlinks is key for longevity in the search engines, but there are far too many people buying backlinks or engaging in sketchy link building tactics. Link wheels, buying PageRank, and even swapping links can be dangerous. Google wants to make sure its search engine returns relevant results. To do this, it flags and penalizes any website that violates its TOS. Buying links, or getting links that are not merit-based is a violation of Google's TOS. Don't do it.

There are plenty of ethical ways to get good backlinks for your website. For starters, find old websites that are not maintained very well. Figure out who links to the website, if anyone. Then, take the content on the site and make a better version. Don't steal it. Create something better. Then, contact everyone linking to the stale, old website, and tell them you have something better. You just helped them out while helping yourself.


Public relations on the web usually consists of writing a press release. The mistake people make here is they try to use press releases as a way to build backlinks. They write for Google and not for people. This is insane. Unless you don't sell anything on your website, you should write to journalists, or even potential customers. You need sales to keep your website running. Write for humans, not search engines.


Many website owners outsource their content. That's fine, but keep this in mind: you won't get stellar content for cheap. You'll have to pay a decent amount of money for well-researched web content. Sure, you can pay someone less than one cent per word and have them write 500 pages of crap. That won't get you very far after Google updates its search results and uses Panda to filter out thin content. It's not just length that matters anymore. It's quality.


Don't get too caught up in the game of working for search engines. There was a time when Google didn't exist. Ditto for the other search engines. Where did people get visitors? They advertised their website offline and they relied on direct click traffic. This is an almost untapped goldmine these days since most people arevyingg for the number one spot on Google's search engine. Buy ads, use press releases, and form relationships with well-established websites to increase your site's traffic.

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