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Google AdSense is one of the most well known ways of monetizing your website. However, many people fail to realize just how money they could make off it. Properly optimizing your profit from Google AdSense will require a lot of work and a little cunning, but it can be done. Here are a few ways you can do that.

  • Optimize Your Site Layout: Not all layouts are the same. Some layouts are more welcoming to Google’s AdSense advertisements. A layout that makes it easy to incorporate a horizontal, vertical, or square advertisement is effective. Keep it simple. Keep it clean, and people will be more likely to click an ad on your site.
  • Place Them High and to the Left: Most people only scroll down to the point where it is relevant to their interests. For that reason you should keep your AdSense ads high up on the page, where they’ll see it no matter what they want from your site. Putting them on the left increases the chance that they’ll notice it, as people traditionally read from left to right.
  • Place Them at the End of an Article: After reading something, people tend to either want to read up more or look for something relevant. This is the best time to hit them with an advertisement, especially if the article is discussing something that they can purchase.
  • Focused Pages Make Ads More Relevant: Google AdSense serves up advertisements depending on the content of each page it is placed. That means that a more focused page will result in better targeted advertisements. This can result in more clicks, more sales, and more profit for you.
  • Utilize Search Engine Optimization Techniques: Basic utilization of search engine optimization techniques such as using high-impact keywords in the heading of the page, in the first paragraph, and in relevant file names, can result in even better sales.
  • Quality Content and Layout: It takes a lot more work than copy-pasting, but delivering a quality website can create loyal visitors. Returning visitors who trust your website are more likely to trust any advertisements present, which increases the likelihood that they’ll click or buy something.

Google AdSense can be a powerful source of income if you take care with how you apply it to your website. These tips may seem small, but the devil is in the details. Even the smallest change to your website can change the way a visitor looks at it.

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