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Google has been on the move to push its version of social media: social search. With social search, Google hopes to take away some of the market share from Facebook. Whether it will work or not remains to be seen. However, Google isn't' the only game in town. If you want to boost traffic to your website, there are several ways for you to use social media to up the ante on your competitors.


Level The Playing Field

Google is relying more and more on its "+1" system for ranking signals. Normally, a small start up company would have no chance of ranking well for competitive search phrases. However, with Google +, all that's needed is a "+1" from someone in that business's circle to start an unstoppable viral storm.

A "+1" could send a relatively unknown company to the first page of the search results for everyone in the referrer's circles.

What may surprise you is that Google + posts are showing up not just in personalized search but in regular search too.

Increase Followers

Everything you post can now show up in your friends' and followers' search results - even if they're not a member of the social site you happen to share the link on. Giving away something valuable for free can increase the people following you on G+, which may pay dividends later in the form of better search results.

Post Your Articles On Social Media Sites

When you post your content to social media sites, it gets indexed quickly. Usually, you have a better chance of getting indexed quickly via social media than if you simply let the post sit on your site and wait for Google to find it on its own - that's true even if you have decent authority in your niche and Googlebot is already crawling your site daily.

Focus On Sharable Content

Social media is all about sharing. If you write content that is sharable, chances are people in your circle, or in your friend's list, will repost, retweet, or share your story, video, or whatever else you post up.

In a way, social media is a lot like getting a referral from a friend. People tend to trust referrals a lot more than anything you'll say about your own company. That makes it easier to do business all around, since you won't have to sell people on why they should do business with you. They'll have heard your name from someone else, and will come to you "pre-sold" as it were.

Add "+1" To Anything and Everything

Google is using its "+1" buttons everywhere. it's like an Internet-wide Facebook "like" button. Don't look a gift-horse in the mouth. Put that "+1" button everywhere on your site.

Use The "Rel=author" and "Rel=me" Tags

These tags link your work to your name. When someone searches on the web, and finds an article by you, they can now see thumbnails of you next to the article. Google also allows them to see other posts by you as well just by clicking a link that reads "more by __________."

Use Pinterest

Pinterest is the newest way to "pin" or tag photos and other things you find on the Internet. You can capitalize on Pinterest by optimizing your pins for relevant keywords and use hashtags to give yourself a boost in the SERPs.

Add A "Pin It" and A SumbleUpon Button To Your Site

Pinterest allows you to add a "Pin It" button and StumbleUpon has its own sharing button. Take advantage of the sharing anyway you can get it. StumbleUpon is second only to Facebook in terms of referral traffic, so this one is a good site to use to try to drive more traffic to your flagship site.

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