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You spend hours every week cropping photos, writing posts and tweaking your blog's design. Yet your blog's statistics show that you have a high bounce rate or that you simply don't have very many visitors at all. There are many possible reasons for this, but one may simply be that people don't like your blog. Look at some of the reasons that people give for avoiding a website and see if your blog is one of the offenders. If so, take action quickly and give your site a chance at popularity!

1. Your blog is all about money. Making you money, to be exact. The first purpose of any blog should be to offer excellent content to the reader. If your blog has ads plastered above the content, below the content, in the content and in the sidebar, you are sending the message that your earnings are more important than your visitor’s experience.

2. Your blog is aloof. You accept comments but don’t respond to them or reciprocate by visiting your visitor’s blogs. Not responding to comments is a sign that you take your readers for granted, and they will get the message loud and clear. Take the time to thank people for commenting, address a concern or engage in a discussion and your blog will be a much more welcome site for readers to land on.

3. Your blog is unreadable. This may be due to poor design, poor writing skills or both. Make sure that you have an uncluttered background and select a standard font that is easy on the eyes such as Times New Roman or Calibri. Read over your posts before you submit them. Double-check that words are spelled correctly and that your sentences make sense. If proofreading is difficult for you, try reading your blog posts out loud before pressing the “publish” button.

4. Your blog is sleazy. If you are selling a product, be upfront about it. Create a disclosure page that states that you may profit from some of the links contained in your blog. It is dishonest to promote products that you haven’t tried so that you can increase your affiliate earnings. While new visitors may not catch on right away, such behavior will keep them from returning once they sense the lack of transparency.

5. Your blog is a radio. Putting music on your blog that plays as soon as a visitor arrives on your site is a sure way to incite hatred. People surfing during a quick break at work will not appreciate the sudden sound of “I’m Too Sexy” blasting out of their speakers. The same applies to people who are surfing the web as a way to relax after work or who are in public libraries. If you want to share music, allow your readers the opportunity to turn it on themselves.

Eliminating these bad blog habits will almost certainly increase your readership. It won’t, however, make everyone love your blog. With blogging, just as in the non-digital world, you can’t please everyone. However, create a welcoming, interesting environment, and readers are likely to visit again and again.

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