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Part of boosting traffic to your wesite is boosting the amount of quality content on your site. A blog is a great way to do this, but blogs are tough to maintain. For one thing, you have to constantly come up with quality content. If your posts get too old, then your visitors think the content is old beore they ever read it - click. They're gone, and your page gets a huge bounce rate. Not good.

The problem is it's hard to come up with topics to write about. After a while, you start to get writer's block. You can't come up with ideas. Here comes Ubersuggest and tagcrowd to the rescue.

First, go to Google. Type your topic or niche into the search engine. you're going to get some results. From there, look to see if there's anything interesting in there. If it's a short keyword, there's probably not much that hasn't already been covered. Here's where Ubersuggest comes into play. Go to Type in your keyword phrase. watch the magic happen.

Ubersuggest with generate long-tail keyword ideas by going through the alphabet and making suggestions. You can add a "how to" to any of these keywords and then go off and write another article. If you enter a long-tail keyword, you'll get even better results. You may not get more results, but you might get better results. More doesn't always equal better anyway.

Now, and this is key, take those Ubersuggest keywords and copy them to a text document. Go to Paste all of the Ubersuggest keywords into the textbox there and click "visualize." You'll be able to see which keywords are the most popular. Pick out the most popular keywords. Go back to Ubersuggest and rerun your search query. This helps you refine the search and come up with really unique ideas that are also popular.

Now, you could just go and use this information to create a blog post on your own site and try to get backlinks to the page. That's nice. Not really what you want to do though. Here's what you want to do. take those keywords and go offer someone a guest post. You already know that the topic is popular. tell the blog owner that you have a topic that you know is going to generate interest based on your research.

Offer to write up a piece for their blog. In fact, you could shop your idea around to a lot of different blogs and create guest posts for as many competitors as you want. Oh, how does this benefit you? Well, you get a link back to your site, of course. That's how you build quality backlinks without resorting to lame blackhat strategies.

How many people go through the trouble of doing all of this work? Not many, and that's why it will work. A guest blog post takes a lot of effort. The links have to be vetted by the blog owner. These aren't sleazy comment links. These are legitimate merit-based backlinks. Rinse. Repeat. Your blog will thank you, and you'll be rewarded with click-through traffic and better rankings.

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