3 Reasons Why Some Small Businesses Have Die-Hard Customers

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Your business is already customer-friendly. You offer a lowest price guarantee. You have a generous return and exchange policy. And for longtime customers, you're flexible on your payment terms.

Isn't that more than enough?

Actually, it's not.

If you want customers to rave about your business, you need to really spoil them. It's easier and less costly than you think. Here's how to make your business a service standout - one that customers can’t wait to recommend to family and friends.

Promptly reply to your customers' calls, emails and texts - on the same day and even better, within an hour. If it's a question, answer it. If it's a problem, solve it. If it's a compliment, offer gracious thanks. Make sure you reply to Facebook posts and tweets, as well. An attentive company makes for very satisfied customers.

Anticipate special requests. And then fulfill them without fanfare. Do you sell furniture that requires minor assembly? If a customer calls and is overwhelmed by the task, have a network of on-call handymen available to swoop in and screw in those table legs. Does a customer love your handmade clothing, but wants to incorporate her heirloom fabric in a dress design? By all means, do it, and beat the agreed-upon delivery date. Did one of your bed-and-breakfast customers offhandedly remark how he's smitten with a particular vineyard's wine? Before he returns from a day out, place a bottle of that wine in his room. Customers, surprised and wowed by your service, will become your best advertising.

There are special offers like "buy one, get one free." And then there are extraordinary, thoughtful gestures that your customers will never forget. Launching a new product? Mail a free one to select customers, and enclose a handwritten note. Do you own a bistro? Create a dish that is named after a customer and feature it on your menu for a month. Have a television interview scheduled? Personally invite a few customers along for the fun, from prepping in the green room to joining you on-air. Delight in your customer relationships, and they will return the love.

Be that small business that delivers exceptional customer service, and your company will prosper.

How do you make your customers feel like royalty?

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