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Traffic online has a super large effect on websites and can decide how well a website will do during the duration of its life span, this also goes to show that websites over time can fall out of popularity and might even lose its visitors without some innovation and new age thinking as the internet changes. We have seen this happen with many well-known websites but one of the most prominent examples of this would be Myspace. The once upon a time social networking giant fell out of popularity and basically is no longer a large website online. It used to be one of the largest websites out there but it just would not change and manipulate itself to stay current with the times and this is exactly how Facebook was able to jump in and become number one. We have seen things like this occur before but it is such a negative point in this example because when you are sitting at the top of the rankings there is just no reason that you should ever fall down and lose any of your viewers. This just goes to show that web traffic is not a one-time thing and once you have gotten to the top of your game you need to fight harder than ever to stay there. It has been said before that being at the top of the rankings is actually the worst place to be because this can lead to you getting lazy and then just falling down to never get back up to where you used to be before.

Web traffic is one of the most important parts to any website and as we have seen here it is not any easy task to get and stay with. The reason is that this entire online scene has just gotten so competitive that no one wants to give up any room for a new website and for this reason, without a miracle, you have almost no chance to legitimately set up a website these days which means that prices will rise due to the increase in demand and therefore it makes money and the amount of revenue you have taken a direct hit on how well your website does. This is truly a negative change in the online world because not everyone is out there for the purpose of making money or getting the highest amount of ad impressions, some people just want to run a great website and get their word out there to the highest amount of people as possible. It is interesting to watch the different ways that the online scene changes over time and how it will evolve right in front of our eyes in the near future.

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