SEO is Boring and That is Just How Google Wants It

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SEO is boring


The thousands of so-called SEO gurus on-line face a bleak future. After years of plugging their miracle methods to anyone who will listen, they are faced with obscurity and empty inboxes. The truth is that SEO has got boring, and that is just how search engine behemoth Google wants it.

Google has declared war on SEO cheats and dubious website practices. Its constant search engine updates make it harder and harder for poor quality websites to rise through the results rankings. Gaming the system is becoming a waste of time. Websites and blogs now have to focus on making themselves attractive to real people instead of machines.

In the bad old days, invisible keyword-stuffed text and phoney backlinks were enough to push a website to the top of the rankings. To combat this, the search engines have handed their searchers the keys to the kingdom.

Google has eliminated SEO skulduggery by including social media popularity in its algorithms. Sites that get traffic, but don’t inspire interaction and repeat visits quickly drop out of view. The SEO industry has been slow to react to the inevitable, and still sells the idea that secret techniques and quick-fixes are all you need to succeed. In fact, SEO-for-SEOs-sake is a thing of the past.

The core principles of good SEO are now common knowledge. Every web designer worth his salt knows how to design a site that is easily mapped by Google’s spiders. There are no secret coding tricks any more, and the internet is a better place as a result.

So what can you do to push your site up the search engine rankings?

Most on-page SEO is now simply common sense. Don’t put too many adverts on your website or blog, don’t bombard your audience with pop-ups, and don’t trick them into visiting pages they didn’t want to see. If your page is attractive, useful and engaging, the traffic will come to you.

The simple solution to search engine success is stop worrying about SEO, and start engaging with your audience. Understand your target demographic, and give them exactly what they are looking for!

Produce quality content that people actual want to consume, and share it cross social networks. Include keywords that help your intended audience to find your content, and allow them to make comments and share your efforts. Build trust and a loyal following, rather trying to manipulate your audience.

By making search engine results difficult to game, Google has relegated SEO to the ranks of standard business practice. Now we can all go back to focusing on quality content and innovative design. Quite what the massed ranks of SEO gurus will do next is anybody’s guess! There is always flipping burgers to fall back on!

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