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Website owners are always looking for ways to boost traffic for their website. The problem is, the traffic on the internet is in a bit of a jam. In February 2011, Google made a change to the search algorithm. This change was coined as "Google Panda". Old search engine strategies became obsolete, and a storm of complaints surged in from websites all throughout cyberspace. Old tactics like stuffing key words into articles were no longer effective because the search engine was now "smarter". Marketing experts are crafty, though, and the technique known as article backlinking was popularized.


The three ways to attract traffic

There are only three ways for people to find your website: word of mouth, search engine searches, and backlinks. Backlinks are simply links that direct traffic to a specific location. Any time you see a link on a website that brings you to a different website, you have found a backlink. The technique to backlinking is to distribute these links on many different websites so that you have many sources of incoming traffic. There are a few fantastic online sources to use for this:



StumbleUpon is a website that is owned and operated by eBay. The reason StumbleUpon is a great place to generate backlinks is because you can submit your website or blog into their database. Users who search for an interest that is relevant to the type of content your website has will be brought to your website. One of the reasons StumbleUpon is so powerful is because the user already has interest in the topic your website is about, so the odds of that user becoming a regular visitor to your website is much greater.



Reddit is a website that hosts news articles. The trick to gaining backlinks through Reddit is to submit an interesting story that receives high ratings from other users so that the story attracts readers. Here’s the catch, though: you can provide a link to your website somewhere in the story and make a loose analogy as to why it is relevant to the article. Reddit is a way to gain an incredibly high amount of traffic in a very short amount of time.


Article websites

Many articles websites allow you to write content about any topic you wish and provide links to your website, much like with Reddit. The difference with article websites is that articles can generate consistent views. Writing about a popular topic and using a specific key word several times throughout your article is a great way to draw in traffic to the article. The articles do not have to be very long. The best places to publish these articles are websites such as InfoBarrel, EzineArticles, and Hubpages.



Not many people know this, but Craigslist is a fantastic place to attract local backlinks. This is particularly useful if your website focuses on your local area, but Craigslist can be used for any type of website content. Simply post an advertisement for your website and let the traffic fly in.

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