Calls to Action! Increase Customer Interaction

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A call to action on your website directs your reader to perform a step or task. The effective use of calls to action determines whether you make the sale, connection or get the sign up for your newsletter. Like all marketing techniques, effective calls to action are more an art than a science. You must design your CTAs to receive optimal attention from your readers. You need to place them in the correct spaces. Finally, you need to educate your users on what to expect from the action.


Calls to action - Increase customer interaction

Common Calls to Action on Websites

  • Request a Free Quote
  • Sign Up For X
  • Add to Cart
  • Continue Reading
  • Connect on Facebook
  • Join Today

Tips for Designing Your Calls to Action
Make your calls to action bigger than the surrounding text. It needs to stand out to grab your reader's attention.

Make use of colors to get your reader's attention. Use white text with a colored background to really stand out. Other good colors include using yellow and red. Studies show using blue makes users reconsider the action. Avoid using blue.

Add a secondary call to action. For example, next to a "Join Today!" call to action, place a button to learn more. This gives the reader the chance to learn why they want to join today. Place another join today button on the "Learn More" page.

Make effective use of the white space surrounding your call to action. Not only does color and size matter, you need enough white space around the call to action to ensure your readers see it, recognize it is something to do and perform the action requested.

Don't use too many calls to action on one page. You confuse your readers and make it less likely they will take action.

Placing Your Calls to Action
Calls to action on your website follow a specific trail. The first thing to catch your reader's eyes is the logo. Next, the scroll down slightly and look at the right hand side of the screen. Place your call to action in this spot. Finally, place another call to action at the bottom of the screen such as a sign up form for your newsletter or subscription.

You may also place calls to action in the center of a web page provided there are no other elements surrounding it to distract your reader's attention. This proves an effective method to get readers to take action.

Educate Your Readers
Don't just place elements that say "Click Here." Readers don’t want to click on links if they do not know what to expect. Include small text that provides additional information such as "No Spam," "Free 30-Day Trial" or "Credit Card required."

You may also place information surrounding the call to action letting them know how long the call to action will take i.e. "Sign up in 60 seconds!"

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