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One normally unknown part of ranking your website through search engines in the effect that social networks can have. Websites like Facebook have been known for a very long time to affect how great a website is and how many people will come for various ways some of which are not even related to Facebook itself but instead the ways that a website will gain viewers from it. Facebook allows people to connect with their fans and in the end it will always be a great place to do this but it have many other untold possibilities for promoting your website along with the typical fan page and like promotional campaigns. Therefore Facebook provides a great place to promote your website but today we will go into the different ways that social networking has morphed over the years and how it can affect search engine optimization these days. Facebook does this because the links will all pop up on Google and therefore you will gain some small form of SEO from tons of people talking about your website and linking to your website but it is not nearly as strong as the way that Twitter and some other social networks affect your SEO.

Twitter is one of the best social networks to connect with your fans and be able to talk to them just like everyday people without being disconnected through something like Facebook because on the contrary on Twitter you are actually asked to just talk in normal questions and there is no true formal way that you need to be on it. Furthermore websites can gain huge popularity just through one carefully created tweet by a celebrity or anyone who has tons of followers. This is great because it lets people who normally would not have a lot of strength in the online world to get a one shot at fame and becoming huge online through a few seconds on the hands of someone who has a little bit of more strength online and has some connections made with their followers. Twitter is also great due to the retweeting system that can turn your one tweet to a few thousand people into a trending topic that gets sent out to millions upon millions of people. It is often forgotten that the real purpose of a social networking site or something that people enter into thinking that they are going to be entertain is just that, people are looking for funny content or something other than just your promotional advertisements and the different ways that you can increase your wallet size, and therefore if you actually pretend to be involved in the correct way with social networking you may find that you have much better outcomes. People will often get caught up with posting way too many annoying advertisements which will alienate your followers and cause them to not only leave you but have a bad taste from hearing what you had to say and therefore you should first try to be friendly with your followers rather than abrasive with the ads.

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