Increase Your Visibility with Artificial Intelligence: How SEO Recon 2012 Can Save Small Businesses

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SEO Recon 2012


Most business owners know they need to keep up with their websites, provide content and reach as big an audience as possible to pull in more customers and sales. Large businesses have the clear advantage as vast resources allow for mass marketing. Businesses capable of shelling out big bucks in this department can best the search engine rankings and beat the traffic. But small businesses are often unable to fork over funds into marketing and their web content gets lost in shuffles of pages behind big businesses. However using the best and most up to date SEO (Search Engine Optimization) content and analysis can tip the tides. SEO is constantly changing, and a new web tool, SEO Recon 2012, has just altered the landscape.

Big vs. Small

Small businesses need to understand SEO if they are going to beat out big chains. Search engines do not account for a businesses’ value, ideas, customer service or any number of the elements that often help small businesses win over their customers. Search engines only care about website content and how it is formulated. The problem is that most SEO strategies are out of date before they can be implemented as small businesses generally take longer to update and optimize their own website content. But SEO Recon 2012 can take care of the whole research job instantly with the most up to date strategies.

Any business, big or small, can use SEO Recon 2012 to highlight what areas of a website are lacking in reaching audiences, mapping out how to beat the competition. Using a system of artificial intelligence and verbiage metrics, SEO Recon 2012 guides a website in how to optimize content in the most efficient manner available. The advantage for small businesses is that SEO Recon 2012 is not a large marketing company that requires thousands of dollars to develop campaigns. Instead, it is a web tool, perfectly engineered to provide precise analysis, which a business can then use to overshadow its competition, even big businesses.

Small Budget? No Problem

Rather than a load of marketing funds, SEO Recon 2012 only requires a Majestic SEO Account as little as $49.99 a month with no long-term commitment. Considering that multiple marketing campaigns can cost thousands of dollars and are not as up to date, SEO Recon 2012 will soon be recognized as the most effective and best-valued tool for a small business’s website.

While some small businesses are attempting to calculate the best SEO strategies using Google Keyword Tool, this approach takes employee resources to do the research and a great deal of time to discover outdated information. Google Keyword Tool only shows past search data and offers suggestions based on old information. SEO Recon 2012 calculates up to date information and presents strategies for the future that will further enhance a website’s rankings.

Why SEO Really Matters

SEO Recon 2012 is inexpensive, effective and the ace in the hole for small businesses. But many companies still do not know the benefits of using such a tool to optimize their content. While paper ad campaigns and mailers are still circulating, reaching small communal audiences, Internet use continues to dominate and grow. If a business website does not appear on the first page during a search, it is extremely unlikely that it will be found. And if a business website does not appear at the top of the first page during a search, it is extremely likely that a competitor will attract the searcher first. What small businesses need to know is that no matter their competition, history and time in the industry, or their market value, the search engine rankings only care about how content is optimized. That means that even a small business can appear at the top if it takes advantage of the latest and most innovative strategies. The artificial intelligence behind SEO Recon 2012 can propel small businesses past bigger competition.

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