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Increasing Blog Traffic - Tips


Blog traffic is easily the measure of your success. No traffic means no one is looking at your site. If you're participating in an affiliate program, this also means that you're not going to make any money. It is then in your best interests to maximize the amount of traffic your blog receives every day.

Improve Your Trackbacks and Links

Links are incredibly important for the health of your blog. Not only do they promote your site’s rankings on search engines, they can also tell other bloggers that someone is linking to their site. This can pique their interest and turn them into new readers for your blog. This can result in not only increased hits, but backlinks. If you have something particularly interesting, they may even link to your site, further increasing your visibility and influence.

You can take it even further by leaving trackbacks on the other site to inform them of your site’s link to theirs. Not only does it make sure that the other site notices, visitors of that site might click on the link to your site, increasing hits.

Encourage and Reply to Comments

Comments encourage participation from your readership, which can make them invested in your website, provoking return visits. Reply to your readers to show them that they’re being heard and that their input is appreciated. This can easily generate reader loyalty.

You don’t have to save your quick wit for your blog. Commenting on other blogs can drive traffic to your site. Make sure that your URL is easily visible on your comment. The better the quality of your comment, the more likely it is that someone will click on your link.

Tag Your Posts

Tags only take a few seconds to add to your posts, but it’s a powerful way to enhance your sites visibility. It can drive additional search engine traffic to your site, as search engines treat them like links. Tags can also make your site easier to navigate for people looking for information on one topic, and the easier your site is to navigate, the more likely it is for people to come back.


Email remains a powerful too, despite the existence of various social networks. Chances are that you’ll be using email communicate with other bloggers. Don’t hesitate to plug your blog whenever appropriate to get the word out. It becomes doubly powerful if you happen to have a blog post that specifically discusses a particular topic or concern.

You can also use your signature to help promote your blog. Simply add a link at the bottom, beside your name, and you’re golden. As an additional tip, you can also use that for forums or comment systems that allow for a signature.

Use Subscriptions through Feeds and Email

The problem is that even if a reader finds your site interesting and thought-provoking, chances are high that he or she won’t make it back. The Internet is huge, and chances are that there are plenty of other well-established sites that discuss the same topics that you do. Heck, you might lose readers just because someone uploaded a video of yet another cute cat or puppy.

Creating an RSS feed can make sure that readers come back for more, as it will inform them of site updates. Make the related buttons highly visible so readers know that your feeds exist. If you happen to be using Wordpress, there are a number of applications that make it easy to setup a feed. Don’t forget to check on which links get the most hits, as it can tell you which direction your blog should go.

There is never truly enough traffic. You’re going to lose readers every day, not because of the quality of your site, but just because people lose interest over time. You need to constantly grow your site’s readership to make sure that it never runs out.

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