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Website traffic runs the internet, it creates money for advertisers and publishers, and it allows anyone to gain any amount of viewership regardless of the quality of their content. This has created a sort of paradox in the online scene where websites who have great content allow people to enjoy their quality work while sending a small percentage of their users toward new websites to either enjoy or hate, but it doesn't matter to the main website because they are profiting off of this no matter what. Anyway, the main idea behind this will be to give you some insight into how the online traffic service works and maybe it will explain to you why the promotion of your website means so much more than people normally think. Website traffic is something that everyone wants but not many people know how to correctly take advantage of it. Think about it this way, what would you do if you initially started off with getting a few hundred views every day and then one day you dramatically increased your views on your website to 50,000 in one day. From that point on into the foreseeable future it looks like you will be getting those many thousand views per day, the first thought on many people’s minds would be to monetize. It turns out that this idea might not be for the best end if you are looking for a strong long-term investment.

Making the Most of your Numbers
Let’s start off thinking of your website traffic and viewers for what it really is, numbers. You want the highest amount of viewers among your competitors; in fact you would love to be the only person in your field of work because that would be mean that you own 100% of the market share but this is very unlikely to happen unless you know how to get your viewership up and then keep it there. We often talk about getting those initial viewers, which is pretty easy to be fair, through usual targeted traffic means and other types of website promotion but in the end you need to hold on to the majority of your traffic to increase your numbers gradually over time and keep increasing. It does a website almost no good to go from zero to a million views in one day without significant changes to make sure that the website can handle and make use of these viewers. One of the first things you need to make sure of when you are increasing your viewers is to not overload them with advertisements. Ads can be a great way to bring in some revenue for your website if you are not running a store or some other type of monetization but it can really annoy users if you just one day increase the number of ads two fold when it also happens that your viewership doubles. This is important to remember in almost any case and this can be the difference between a few days and a few years of increased viewership.

Keeping your Visitors
The next step in this process is to make sure that you can keep hold of your visitors for a long time. It benefits almost everyone in the process, except for your competitors of course for you to have tons of viewers, and the best way to do this is to stay calm when dealing with more visitors and treat your website the same way. The largest error that someone can make when trying to make their website better for the increase of traffic that comes from targeted campaigns is to overdo the actual work. You have been getting thousands of viewers on your own, this targeted traffic campaign was put in place to get you another few thousand viewers not to create the initial user base of your website, and that one fact can change the mind of many online website creators. You need to realize that your website has been running great since day one so completely revamping it, even for the better, when you get more viewers will just confuse and annoy your main user base which are still the loyal ones and currently the important people in your relationship.

The New vs. Old
It is always more important to worry about keeping your traditional users in good graces with you because these are the people that will help your website go viral with their own form of promotion and online viral advertising through their own social networks, and this is plainly due to the fact that people love to express their favorite websites to get people to come and enjoy it along with them. Think about it this way, would you rather go to a movie that you enjoy alone or with a group of friends, and this fact makes it that much easier for you to gain and keep your increased visitors if you focus on creating great quality content, the best possible content that you can put out and that by itself will demonstrate the greatest increase in viewership along with a strong targeted traffic campaign that has been proven to increase your numbers. You need your traditional and original users for many reasons, some of which I have previously mentioned, but this idea will be the strongest form of integration of your website to make sure that you can hold onto those thousand new viewers that fell in love with your site after they saw it from some carefully placed targeted traffic. If you are really trying to take the most advantage from your website then this is the way, increase your visitors with targeted traffic, and the website revenue will start pouring in if you treat them no differently from your normal and original users.

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