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Today we will be covering the extreme side of social media, the side that you rarely get to see, but the kind of social media that makes headlines and changes the internet forever. The real experts of social will teach you that any kind of promotion is the best kind of promotion in this business and that basically marks the best way for you to gain a strong promotional campaign for whatever you are trying to advertise through social media. Networks like Facebook and Twitter are becoming the norm for places that companies can advertise to their users and potential customers but did you realize that often there are arguments or at least drama created by these companies for the purpose of stirring up some controversy and creating more talk about the product of their choice. Every once in a while you will notice that a ton of unnecessary controversy starts on the social media or networking site of your choice and in the best case it will actually attract some media attention. Basically even social media sites like Youtube fall into this category where mainstream Youtubers are able to direct the flow of their traffic to a huge new person or basically any video or link of their desire if they turn it into a big story and act as if there is a reason people should do what they say rather than just putting it out there. In other words social media tends to work a lot with the ‘mob mentality’ and you can dominate social media as much as you want if you put in the effort to learn some of these tips and tricks.

Controversy Who?
Controversy is the craziest part of social media sites because people get super attached to the meta-nature of the website and start to defend or attack the mainstream person of their choice and this essentially broadens everyone else’s views who get into the story. Essentially even if someone is being reprimanded by another Youtuber, if the person who is doing bad gets named on a well performing channel they will only get more views, even if they got the traffic because people were talking about how much they didn’t like this person. Any type of promotional effort that gets people talking about the subject has at least accomplished a solid goal for the promoter. Promotional efforts for website work in pretty much one fashion get the largest amount of people to comment and link to your website, under any means necessary. Today we hope to give you some insight into these movements and hopefully you will be able to point out these occurrences more often from now on and help keep everything without bias online. Either way, the information is relevant if you are ever going to be promoting a website under the hopes that you will be able to gain a lot of viewers. Website promotion has been going on for a very long time now and plays a major role in the more popular websites because as websites grow they typical start spending more and more on advertising before they become mainstream and can rely on the internet for free advertising.

New Options for Promotion
A great new social media site that is really becoming mainstream as we speak is Reddit. It is a rather large online community that has been around for a few years, has millions of page views per day, and tons of unique visitors but it has only recently become something as large as say Twitter due to the way that people only started opening up conversations about it recently. This can be due to a few different reasons but effectively they need to accomplish this goal before going anywhere big. Website’s that then reach this level of greatness are open to so many more things than just plain old advertisement that it is amazing. Remember when you are trying to promote your product or website that new and unique ways of sorting through the content is becoming available to the general public with interesting sites like Reddit, with up and downvotes which dictate the awesomeness of content, instead of the usual spam happy places like YouTube who are still trying to curb the obvious stealing of videos right from the site for a few views. Reddit presents a pretty cool new way to advertise your content... because you aren’t allowed to advertise on there. Basically the idea is that you need to present a relevant link to the Reddit users for a reason, maybe it’s something interesting, cool, or funny like a viral video but you can’t just say here’s my website go buy something from me for two reasons. One, it’s against the rules and you will be kicked out, and two the users have the power to down vote your submission to make sure that no one else has to view the spam. This is pretty revolutionary and we can expect to see these kinds of tactics more and more as time goes on. Regardless, promotional efforts for websites through social media are clearly going to require a much more refined effort in the coming years and we will be amazed to see just how much it changes over time. Social media is in a prime spot right now for the niche role that it fits on the internet, so you should take advantage of it for as long as you can.

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