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Email marketing is a free and simple way to promote your products and services. It can be an effective tool to boost sales, bring in new customers and increase loyalty with your existing customers. Grabbing the attention of readers, and getting them to read the message contained in your emails, is a constant battle for most companies. These 5 principles of successful email marketing are crucial to ensuring the success of your email campaign.

1. Follow the rules

Marketing emails are required to stick to strict rules set down by regulators and other official bodies. There are rules governing the sending of unsolicited emails for marketing purposes. For example, you must provide an easy way for recipients to opt out of your marketing emails. Familiarize yourself with the legal requirements before embarking on your email campaign.

2. Get the timing right

Bombarding potential and existing customers with an excessive amount of marketing emails will only annoy them, and all of your future emails are likely to end up in their junk mail folder. On the other hand, you need to maintain a steady stream of contact with the people on your mailing list, as they are more likely trust you if they feel familiar with your company. Regular weekly or monthly emails are often the best option for most businesses.

3. Spice up the subject line

The most important part of your marketing email will be your subject line. If your subject line does not grab the attention of your email recipient, he or she will never open the email to read your message. Keep the subject line short and snappy, and leave the reader wanting to know more. Try to avoid overly-sensational statements, though, as most email users now associate these with spam.

4. Keep it personal

Wherever possible, you should aim to personalize your marketing emails and tailor them to the individual. Use the recipient’s name at the beginning of your email, and also in the subject line if possible. If you have enough information to group the people on your mailing list into categories (e.g. by age, location, gender, job title and so on), you will be able to tailor your emails to fit specific groups.

5. Make it visual

Recipients are far more likely to interact with images and colors than plain text. Plain text can be tiring to read on a computer or phone screen. Attractive images and complementary colors are pleasing to the eye, which makes the reader more inclined to take a longer look. You can also add a logo or company image to help increase familiarity with your readers.

Email marketing can be a highly successful tool for promoting your products or services, and it has the potential to increase your customer base without spending any money on expensive advertising. Following these 5 principles will help you to make a success of your campaign.

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