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Social Media - Future Advertising


It is quickly becoming apparent that social media will rule the next generation of advertising. It used to seem that only online websites and businesses would be able to capitalize on the usage of social networking and social media sites to boost their views and sales, but it is quickly rising to many traditional stores too. Now you are almost putting yourself at a disadvantage if you are not taking advantage of sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus and for this reason the new position of social media manager is popping up at companies. Comedians are being paid to post jokes and other comedy through company’s tweets and other types of experts are used to boost like’s on Facebook. This is not something inherently new to advertising in general, the idea has always been to create a strong connection between the company and it’s users but there has never been such an easy way to constantly get your message out there to your many customers. This way there is also a fake veil of sincerity between your messages on social media sites because advertisements on traditional means like Television or Radio are only trying to promote the product without really having that strong connection. People love to feel as if they are a part of something greater so this forges a bridge between the typical business with no customer interaction and two friends exchanging presents. The later will always feel more common and less stressful so the closer that an online or offline company can get to be your friend is beneficial to both of the people.

Now you may be wondering just how a company being able to directly influence your decisions and become a transparent part of your life while promoting their products to be a good thing for the end user. Well with the increased amount of companies that are fighting for followers on Twitter it makes it that much more competitive for companies to create seemingly normal accounts with funny and interesting ‘tweets’ to bring people in. What I am trying to say is that companies still need to go through the traditional methods of gaining followers before they can successfully promote their product and get that large amount of free advertising, companies need to spend lots of time and effort on creating that entertaining content, which means that you can profit off of their hard work too. It is basically a balancing act to decide whether or not it is worth your time to deal with the small harassment and product displays on their Twitter and lay that versus the amount of solid and entertainment that they offer. It is becoming oddly similar to the way that television advertisements have become. Think of the superbowl and all of the press that surrounds this event, known as literally the most cherished spot for any television advertising. This one game of football means so much for the country and companies are willing to pay millions of dollars for a 15 or maybe 30 second spot to promote their company which means that these valuable seconds need to be short and sweet. Companies are faced with the hard realization that they need to capture their audience and promote their product shortly afterwards. What this creates is a strong ability for the audience to experience some of the most amazing creations, the funniest lines, the coolest videos, and the best audio to make sure that these million dollar investments will return a strong profit. For this reason the same online counterparts are cheaper and yet almost more effective then their super expensive television and traditional advertising competition.

Would you rather spend a few months trying to build up a following in Twitter than can be constantly reminded of your product through interesting tweets, or would you rather spend millions of dollars for essentially 15 seconds of time to talk to a few million people on television. It is so clear and evident that many companies have started pouring all of their money into the online scene to create a huge online face for their company because they noticed just how important an online presence could be. Coca-Cola has realized this and you can find that out on their Facebook page, these guys are some of the strongest creators and followers of online advertising as they are in the constant competition with their main competitor Pepsi. Think about it this, being the first person to make a page and start gaining likes in this viral environment, or even just coming up with some funny video that is a type of viral advertisement will give you small advantages over your competition. Basically even if these things only change 1% of the market’s mind that is still a multi-million dollar change in the market in your favor and the companies realize that the little changes and little effects on the market are going to become the deciding factor in the future. We have entered into the next phase of online marketing which means that as a consumer you should try to always be aware of when you have become the advertising material or if you are just being a normal user on a website. For instance, when you go on Facebook and talk to your friends you feel like you are using a typical free website with tons of connectivity and amazing outreach because of the millions of users. What you fail to notice in the initial Facebook timeline is that you are essentially the entire reason that the company is able to make money, they are using you to create some of the best targeted advertisement available to anyone. On the top of the online marketing craze is Facebook like sites that are able to connect these advertisers even easier than traditional social media work, companies can pay to become ‘friends’ and gain followers which means that money will directly influence the way that their next market share changes. If you can take advantage of this information and use it to your own benefit it could put you at the top of a strong online presence for any website of your choice and therefore at a huge advantage in your market of choice.

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