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Having experience in marketing a product will teach you over time that getting the right people to see your product is a lot more important than getting 'more' general people to see it. The reason we are bringing up this subject today is because this subject will help you out in your marketing efforts for any webpage of your choice, targeted traffic tends to work in the exact same way that you need people, the right people to view your website and to continue on through it. What we are trying to say is that a product, a service, or even your website will only be likable by a small fraction of the world but that is all you need to be successful and the idea is that you need to try and increase your tiny amount of the internet viewership to as high of a number as possible. You can do this in a few ways but if you want to make sure that you are being as effective as possible and as efficient with your marketing budget you need to understand that targeted traffic in many ways will actually save your money and time if you do it correctly. The reason behind targeted traffic campaigns for websites is that you are getting the right viewers to your website which will increase your views and possibly your ad hits but it should also increase your viewership over time and you should be able to hold onto these new viewers which will benefit you and your website in the long run more than anything else.

Who is the Right Viewer?
Figuring out who your perfect viewer is for your website can be very complicated and it turns out to be basically the hardest part of advertising your website. You want to get a large amount of people to say, oh look a new great website to come back to, and then bookmark it for later use. When you think about it, this is essentially the way that a website becomes viral and gains those million viewers per day because people once said that it seemed like a cool site so they showed their friends. In essence this is that sort of idea and promotes the method of advertising your website through targeted traffic to the best quality traffic as possible, which should end up with you getting tons of new traffic from sources that will open up all sorts of viral paths, new people means new connections from them. One new positive viewer from your targeted traffic campaign can actually translate into hundreds of new viewers over time or maybe even thousands.

The Social Connection
The same way that social media and social networking sites work and flourish is the idea that everyone wants a friend to experience what they have found out because it grants them some credit for the find. Essentially the same way that you found that funny cat video on YouTube last week because your uncle emailed you about it means that you are strongly influenced by your peers and essentially you will be more likely to click on and freely promote someone else’s page if you like their content. In the end, the only real piece of a website is the content and then the way that the website owners are trying to monetize that content. It really is this simple but it gets complicated because a lot of the people who run websites do not have a passion for what they are trying to promote and it creates this lack of interest for people. If you are having a touch time promoting your website to the people that you believe should be loving it, you might need to look at your own personal experience and then reevaluate exactly where you are coming from which these intelligent posts and attempts at creating a great and thriving website. This cause is noble and you are a great person for attempting to promote your website, or even just for the fact that you are spending the time to run a website which is something that is risky in itself, but overall you need to be willing to take a short term hit of revenue as you build up your listener or viewership base of people.

Websites are awesome when they come together and after creating something as amazing as a thriving website there are not many other things that beat this feeling. Sometimes you will even realize just how great of a job you have done after the fact, and then it hits you and you will gain so much knowledge from the journey of having no viewers at all to whatever huge numbers you are pulling in each day. Back to the original topic, when promoting your website with targeted traffic you need to treat it as a commodity, something that people want to buy they just don’t know it yet, and then try to market it towards the people as if they are missing out if they do not get the opportunity to purchase or invest their time into such a great website. People love to feel like they are apart of something amazing so this is part of the reason that Facebook took off so quickly and turned into a billion dollar corporation, people thought to themselves that they had just found one of the coolest and most secret places of their age so they told the closest friends, and so on, until the website peaks and begins it’s descent from fame because all of the trend setters have moved onto the next big thing. Overall you should just remember our main idea of this post, that whether you are trying to promote a product or a website you need to follow the same general guidelines, and all you really need to get is the correct people to view your site and then the rest will come with time.

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