Big SEO Mistakes that Could be Costing You Traffic

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SEO Mistakes Means Less Traffic


Short of direct links and back-links, search engines are the most effective way for people to find your site or blog. Without proper search engine optimization, your site will become extremely reliant on word of mouth, which isn't that efficient compared to a search engine's reach. Half of the average site's visitors come from search engine results, especially if the site is developed enough to come up on the first page of results.

Unfortunately, ill-considered on-site search engine optimization efforts can render any work invalidated. Even a single mistake can result in thousands of lost hits and customers.

Improper Implementation of Flash in Menus and Splash Pages

Flash splash pages may be extremely impressive and can make your site look slick, but it can also prevent search engines from crawling your text and determining whether or not your site is relevant. Your homepage is, more likely than not, the most frequently crawled part of your site. Having a splash page made entirely of Flash graphics can doom your site to search engine obscurity.

Always remember than search engine crawlers are text-based. Graphics based designs cannot be sorted according to relevance and thus would lower your site’s ranking. If you do want to use Flash, make sure that any important content is in text form, not graphics.

Not Filling the Alt Attribute

The “alt” attribute is responsible for telling search engines what’s inside the photograph. Without it, search engines might disregard completely relevant images just because your pictures weren’t properly documented. Proper “alt” tags can result in increased hits through Google Image Search and similar services.

Improper Title Tag Usage

Keep in mind that every page on your site must have a unique title tag that includes every relevant keyword. The mistake many people make is that they use the same tags over and over on each page of the site. This results in search engines filing every page under the same topic, thinking that it all has the same content. Long titles can also cost you search engine results, as only the first sixty-five characters, spaces included, count.

Keyword stuffing is another title tag mistake. It may seem logical to repeat the keywords as much as possible, but this SEO mistake will simply result in the site being considered spam, lowering its search engine ranking.

Not Posting or Utilizing Content Related to Your Primary Topic

You might be targeting a specific keyword, like “video games,” but that’s not what people are going to be searching for most of the time. They’re more likely to search for a specific video game or a release schedule or even for the price of the game. Posts targeting the terms “video game sales” or “video game prices” will get you more visitors than posts just targeting the term “video games.”

You should also make sure to link to previous entries, as long as they are related to your current post or update. For example, a post on a newly released video game should also have links to old posts involving the same publisher or game series.

Even experts make mistakes, so don’t fret if you find that you’ve been keeping your site down. There’s always time to improve your site, so if you see here that you’ve committed a mistake, don’t waste time. Go and fix your site and get more traffic.

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