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Proper search engine optimization will result in increased hits. The fact of the matter is that on-site optimization cannot be ignored if you want to increase traffic to your site. Most of your hits, especially before you develop relationships with other sites, are going to come from search engines. Improper optimization can doom your site to obscurity. Properly applied search engine optimization will increase the odds of your site popping up on the first page of a search engine’s results list – and if you’ve noticed anything about your own search habits, it is that you probably don’t even check the second page.

Increase Relevance to Both the Search Engine and Your Intended Audience

You may have started your blog or site because of your interests, but you’re not going to keep it alive by yourself. Your visitors, your audience, are going to be responsible for your website’s health. Finding out what to write can seem difficult, but it’s a simple matter of asking. Conduct polls, check out forums, and do some good old research. Once you know what they want to read about, you can properly optimize your site’s content.

Keyword targeting is nice and all, but it won’t matter if your visitors don’t care about your content. Combining both will result in not just increased traffic, but increased return visits.

Link to Other Pages on Your Site

Chances are that your topics are going to have some cross-over. Take advantage of this fine opportunity and link to older posts whenever possible. Linking once during the post or at the end of the entry is more than enough. Too many links and it may be considered spam by many search engines. This helps improve your search engine ranking and invites readers to continue to peruse your site. Just make sure that your linking text is highly relevant to make it as useful as possible.

Naturally, this is something that will come up later in your site’s existence. However, when the time comes, don’t forget to do so.

Repair Broken Links

Take a few hours every week to make sure that your site is in perfect working order. Spend this time finding broken links and fixing them. Any pages that have been moved should be noted down in robot.txt to prevent crawlers or spiders from incorrectly indexing your site. Google’s Webmaster Tool can help you manage and repair any broken links on your site.

Promote Your Site’s URL Consistently

It may seem like nothing to us, but to a search engine, a site with and without the “www” counts as two different things. Once you start promoting your site as either one, stick with it. It’s how people will link to your site and how search engines will view your site.

These may seem like simple guidelines, but the fact is that not applying these tips can result in a lot less hits and a lowered place on search engine results. The Internet is just getting more competitive by the day and you’ll need every advantage to win.

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