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Success after penguin update


With the recent changes in the Google Penguin update, lot of online enterprises are concerned about its negative impact on the search engine rankings of their websites. Now, the new update aims to target websites that resort to unethical practices to boost their website traffic on the Internet. Hence, if you are using SEO techniques for marketing and promoting your business, then you may need to follow the latest Penguin updates to achieve greater success in your selling efforts. In a way, it is a good move to ensure that only high quality content is shared with the readers with better access to valuable and meaningful information.

As a result, now websites that offer professional and informative content will get greater preference and higher search engine rankings. Besides, the tons of websites that provide cheap and low quality content may no longer be visible on the search engine results. Additionally, this will help in promoting websites that focus on providing fresh and interesting content to the online audience. It appears with the recent updates in Penguin that there will be greater emphasis on the uniqueness and quality of the articles submitted to the websites.

Hence, if you want to attract more number of customers to your website, then you need to be doing a quality check on your content and make it interesting and appealing for your readers. As a result, when the users search for something specific on the search engines, they must be able to get relevant and specific results. A sincere and honest approach can work better for your business and boost your search engine rankings by attracting more visitors to your website. Thus, you must make it a top priority to provide the best content to your customers and retain your website viewership on the search engines.

Here are 5 useful tips that can help you succeed with Google Penguin updates

Use different marketing techniques
Due to the new changes in the Google Penguin, the main target will be the spam content and poor quality websites that churn out unwanted information to the readers. Hence, it may be a great idea to combine a variety of methods to boost your online promotional campaign for your business. Social media networking sites can be useful in driving targeted traffic to your website and help in building a good rapport with your potential customers. You can focus on article and blog marketing techniques or even targeted e-mail campaigns to get multiple source of traffic for your website.

Avoid common SEO errors
Of course, SEO techniques are still very important for boosting your business prospects and attracting a niche target audience. However, if you want to achieve more success in your promotional efforts, then it may worthwhile spending some time in creating a SEO friendly content. With the new Penguin updates, it is important to use the right keyword density to get the best SEO results. Additionally, repetitive text and overstuffing with keywords may not be able to provide better search engine rankings anymore.

Provide high quality content
Google Penguin loves well written and high quality content that is unique, fresh and provides a wealth of information to the readers. Hence, stay focused on creating web pages that are designed keeping the specific needs and requirement of your customers. Use better title tags and descriptions with interesting headings that are captivating to the target audience. Provide a better experience to the customers, while browsing for products on your website and make it more user friendly so that they can find the required information in a fast and easy manner.

Offer greater value to the readers
If you are writing articles or blogs to promote your online business, then remember to target the content towards a niche audience. One of the best ways of attracting maximum number of customers is by providing them an opportunity to learn something new by providing substantial information on a given topic. You can also provide your own opinions and share personal experiences to make the content more interesting and informative to the online audience. It may be a good idea to provide comments or even add fascinating videos to make the content more attractive and appealing to the readers.

Use backlinks from valid sources
If you want to build trust and credibility for your online business, then it makes sense to use credible methods for building backlinks for your website. Quality backlinks can help in bringing targeted traffic to your website and attract more number of customers in the long run. Hence, using reliable links can help in promoting your online business and also build a strong online presence to create a strong brand identity in the market. Additionally, this may be also useful in surviving the new Penguin update that prefers quality over quantity.

By focusing your efforts on creating a top quality website, there are better chances of improving your rankings on the search engine results. Again, it may be useful to avoid using duplicate content and maintain greater relevancy to target a specific audience. Additionally, websites that contain spam with little content will result in low rankings for your website on the Google search engine. At the same time, sites that serve more ads than the actual content without any information may be filtered from search engine listings. If you are using any of these techniques to get more online visibility, it is time to rethink your marketing strategies and adopt a more no-nonsense approach.

It may be better to remove unrelated texts and links from your content and provide a more quality content to the readers. If you are using keywords in your content, they must be appropriate and fit properly in the text to convey the right meaning to the readers. In case you are already hit by the Google Penguin update, then taking appropriate measures at the right time can help in bringing back your website rankings as before. It may be important to pay greater attention while writings articles and blogs for your website and avoid writing on the same topics in the exact manner. Try to come up with interesting ideas and topics that can interest your online audience and provide valuable tips and suggestions to them.

By adopting a white hat SEO approach, you can be confident of providing a valuable experience to your readers with focus on original and fresh content. You can have better chance of success in your Internet marketing efforts and create a lasting impression on your customers by using the Google updates in a positive manner for your business.

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