Search Engine Optimization and Memes: How You Can Use the Internet's Culture to Get More Traffic

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Search engine optimization and memes have a lot in common. Both are focused on getting information to your audience in the most efficient way possible. Memes accomplish that because people inherently understand what the meme is all about. It doesn’t matter whether you plan on using “Socially Awkward Penguin” or “Rageface” to get your point across – the point is, with memes, you can speak the language of the people who are on the Internet the most.




Why is it Beneficial for Your Traffic Numbers?

The best way to get traffic, no matter what method you use, is to target your content at people who are more likely to share something with their friends. Every time someone shares something from your site, it’s an opportunity to get tens, if not hundreds, of hits. Memes come into the picture here. A lot of the things people share nowadays are actually memes. Philosoraptor, Rageface, and most four-panel stick figure comics count as memes.

Also note that a lot of the people who find these same memes interesting are the people most likely to spend their spare time online, which means that they’re also likely to share anything that the find fun or insightful. Using memes to communicate the gist of your site’s post or ideas is a great way to catch their attention.

The fact of the matter is that a sight that utilizes memes is more likely to identify with the more hardcore denizens of the Internet. It’s like you’re speaking their language and accepting their culture. You’re not looking to target the casual surfer with these memes, though they are just as likely to share them. You’re looking to get the attention of people who spend hours and hours on the Internet daily, looking for something interesting to catch their attention.

It also adds a level of legitimacy to your site. Spam sites are commonly filled with barely understandable sentences and questionable wording. Memes are instantly understandable, readily recognizable, and speaks to the audience faster than any written prose ever could – simply because it is an image with text, and not just text. Formal sites look too austere. Sites with memes look like they know what they’re talking about – as long as the memes are not overused, of course.

How can You Combine it With Search Engine Optimization?

You can use it with keywords, for one thing. Just because it’s a meme and inherently casual in tone does not mean that it is exempt from keyword usage. Google may not be able to read what’s in the image itself yet, but it will be able to read your image title tags. This will increase your relevance and thus your page rank.

It also adds to your search results on Google Image Search. The more things your audience can use to find you, the better. Just like search engine optimization, you shouldn’t overuse it. Too much and your site looks like the millions of other sites that are just filled with comedy. Too little and you won’t get the desired effect.

How do I make Meme Images?

Fortunately, the Internet has made it extremely easy to make memes. There are hundreds of sites out there dedicated to making it easier for the average joe to create a meme image of their very own. All you need is to pick the kind of meme you want to utilize and find an online generator.

If you decide to go down this route, you should take the time to watermark your images. Not only will it prevent other sites from poaching your content, which could lead to a negative SEO attack on your site, but if someone does decide to use it, their viewers will be reminded of where exactly that image came from. This can lead to some free advertising, much to your benefit.

Memes are a powerful too, one that you should be careful if you should decide to use it to bolster your site. Always remember that the meme is just a tool for you to use, not the point of your site. Only use it if you have something clever to say that can be best said in a funny image.

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