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A question that really need to come up more often when websites are trying to value themselves and trying to figure out where they really stand in the online world is the question of who decides your fate of a website. Well lets look at exactly what goes into the life of a website and what makes it worth, anything. One interesting example to look at is the new Facebook stocks that are going to be released soon. While you might think that a website of that large size won’t have any effect on smaller websites or any other type of website that falls into the less than a million users genre you are wrong. Let’s take a look at how they are valuing the website at this point in time and this should help us figure out how many websites are valued incorrectly for a few different reasons. Basically Facebook is now being heavily over-valued over the amount of money that they are bringing in and this is only working for them because of the fact that they are the largest and strongest type of social networking website on the market. As you can tell with any type of social norm or fad… it is just that, over time people will fade away from the current ideas and typical items so Facebook will lose a large amount of its user base just because over time this type of thing happens. Nevertheless right now they are looking at making a large portion of the website’s overlying company go public with trading and people are truly amazed at the sheer overvaluing going on with the website. It doesn’t seem to make sense to most people, and the reason is that it is largely incorrect, so today we will hopefully help you gain a better grasp on how you can increase the value of your website without making the same mistakes as people like Facebook.

When trying to increase the value of your website you need to take a look at three things, the quality of your content, the amount of money you are currently bringing in, and then the size of your following. Let’s take a look at the last item in this list first to make up an understanding behind the ideas of a valued and high quality website. Basically websites are made to be valued based on the amount of people that they can command, but this does not always stay true, as in our previous example of Facebook. You need to understand that this is normally the exception to the rule as Facebook has essentially countered the market in social networking while having a huge following, even if many people feel that they have been alienated due to the weird privacy concerns of many, not to mention the ever increasing number of advertisements on the website. Now it seems to make sense that Facebook would go down this route because the real cause for the creation of this website was to make tons of money, and they have accomplished this, but they really need to find the next best thing to include in the website every week or the speed at which the website will fall out of popularity will increase rapidly. It is extremely important to take into account the fact that Facebook in basically in control of the online lives of its users, and yet they are also creating this amazing targeted advertisement program for their partners, and even are able to control their own market because Google’s attempt was fairly lackluster.

When it comes to owning the online world Facebook is one of the powerhouses that makes up essentially one of the top three most used websites at any time. Google is typically thrown at the number one spot there because of the fact that just so many people use their search, in fact basically everyone on the internet goes to Google for finding a website, or anything relevant to their interests or questions which means that Google has become a backbone to the Internet. It is very interesting that almost everyone thinks of the online world as a constantly changing dynamic environment that is not controlled by one person, or even any companies, but in reality Google has been able to combat this issue for the business side of the online world and has clearly defeated any and all opposition. When it comes to controlling the internet they have come pretty far, they are able to control the SEO or lack of SEO efforts on the part of different websites, and are able to fully control the flow of traffic to thousands if not millions of independent websites that rely entirely on the web traffic provided through Google’s ad sense program.

To be fair the main idea that this promotes is one of web traffic being the backbone to everything online and that almost anyone will flock towards the best source of web traffic no matter what. If you are a website owner that wants free traffic you will hope that your website gains a lot of SEO effort on the part of your users and your own promotional campaigns, in whatever way possible, because you know just how large of a market Google has been able to make their search engines and this just proves the fact that people will always run to piggyback off of other sites than create their own innovative form of whatever they have come upon. In terms of searching the other engines are all but dead these days, when years ago it seemed like other websites such as AskJeeves or even Yahoo was prevalent. This is not to say that these two websites might be doing much worse these days, but in reality Google is a much more common term and company that is used in everyday speech while the other two are seemingly fading into the blackness of the internet. People will go towards the easiest and quickest way to get a few dollars so money, therefore in turn the people, run the internet and the skill of controlling people and essentially being able to market your website is a very powerful notion that you need to come upon to fully control your independence and future online.

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