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It is a huge challenge for marketers to provide original and high quality content on an ongoing basis to promote their online business. In such times, content re-purposing may prove to be an effective strategy in providing maximum exposure to the online business and driving targeted traffic to the website. There are many interesting ways of doing this and achieving fabulous results for your online business. Now, lots of Internet marketers have started using this method to build a strong online presence for their business and also boost popularity of their products. By re-purposing content, you can provide combine lots of new, interesting information and updates to the online readers.

With the growing popularity of social media channels, it is easy to share re-purposed content with the target audience through blogs and articles. Even if you do not have sufficient information on a particular topic, you can do a bit of research to create a new and refreshing content. There are lots of vital sources for gathering useful pieces of information that can be combined in the form of blog posts and shared across social media platforms. Yet another interesting approach of re-purposing the existing content can be done by adding some new information to some of the old articles and make it more engaging for your readers.

Now, high quality articles are always in greater demand and re-purposing the content can provide some unique advantages to your online business. However, it is necessary to ensure that the articles are original and there are no duplicate copies as they may be rejected by the search engines. Additionally, there is a high possibility of losing your website ranking on the search engines that may affect the credibility and reputation of your online business. One of the main advantages of re-purposing content is to share new ideas with the target audience and identity opportunities to boost your business prospects. At the same time, you might be able to get access to a new audience who may be keen on learning about the new ideas and information by reading your content.

Killer tips to get greater success by re-purposing your content:

Use forum posts to create new articles
It may be an excellent idea to use forum posts to get new ideas for writing some interesting articles on topics of general interest. In case you are using forums to gather information and provide some interesting tips and suggestions, then you can tap this medium to share some fascinating articles with the online readers. You can easily create engaging and interesting content from the forum threads and provide links to your articles using social media sites. This can be a great way to re-purpose your content and provide a new perspective about your business to the target audience.

Create new articles from the existing newsletters
If you have several articles on a particular niche and you find them to be outdated and boring, then it may be worth spending your time in re-purposing the content now. Even newsletter issues that may be old and irrelevant that may run into pages can be turned into a great piece of article by using a bit of creativity. At the same time, you can use bullet points or use a catchy title to make it more attractive to your online audience. You can also use large volume of content to break the information into sections that makes it interesting to read and engages the readers at the same time.

Make your own articles from e-books
Now, if you have access to some of the valuable e-books and reports, then you can use them to create some new pieces of articles that can be circulated on the social media sites. You could even create fascinating blog posts using some of the relevant information from the e-books. There can be many interesting topics related to your niche to create some short and interesting articles. In this way, you can attract greater number of visitors to your website and entice them to get their copy of your e-book that provides them complete information on your products.

Publish your content using video presentations
Video presentations can create a powerful impact on the minds of the target audience and help in communicating your marketing message in an effective manner. If you have organized any workshop or conference, then you can use the existing PowerPoint presentation to turn into a full- fledged video presentation. There are many popular video sites that can be used to share your videos with the online viewers and boost traffic to your website. This may be one of the best ways to create greater brand awareness about your online business and build your company’s presence on the Internet.

Create new content using blog posts
It may be wise to use some of the existing blog posts to create series of new content that provides valuable information to your target audience. You can also use tweets to create publicity of your online business and share your content using such popular social media channels. If you have how-to articles, tutorials, tips and suggestions, then it may be an excellent idea to tweak them to create high quality and original blog posts to engage your target audience. You can even try using transcripts or audio excerpts to come up with some fascinating blog posts to promote your online business.

There are numerous approaches for re-purposing your existing content and they can be used to get the best results for your marketing campaign. In fact, it is one of the smart ways to get your content across to the target audience and provide them with fresh and relevant information about your online business. Besides, re-purposing content can give you a competitive advantage and provide excellent exposure to your products to attract greater number of visitors. It is always easy to come up with new ideas and reinvent content using numerous pieces of articles or blogs that may interest the readers.

Additionally, it gives you a great opportunity to connect with your niche target audience and sustain their interest in your products. At the same time, it helps in breaking the monotony of reading the same information as the content is presented in a new and refreshing manner to the online readers. Today, there are different means of distributing and publishing re-purposed content on the Internet including the social media sites that can be used effectively by the online marketers.

If you are struggling with old content and want to use content marketing to your best advantage, then re-purposing content be the best solution for promoting your online business.

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