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You've found a great product and you've built or paid for a beautiful online store. You have a quality payment processor, a secure site, and stunning mouth watering product photos that are going to make people hungry to buy. The problem is that there's nobody around to appreciate any of this. You need to get customers. Luckily there are a number of methods that you can use.

The simplest way to get people to your site is to pay for advertising. There are programs set up to allow you to bid on certain keywords that people type into the search engines. When a user types in a phrase that you bid on, and your bid is higher than other people advertising for the same words, they will see an ad of your choosing that will link back to that product.

The administrative interface gives you a lot of tools to help you focus and control your advertising campaign. You can set up different campaigns, and limit your daily budget for each campaign. You can also control the maximum amount that you are willing to bid for a certain keyword phrase.

Advanced tools allow you to do things like geotarget people in specific locations, or set up a campaign so that advertisements only run during certain times of the day. All of these tools allow you to get very specific with the kind of people that you are targeting. You can also test different ads and different keywords in order to figure out which ones are worth paying for.

If you are on a limited budget then you may want to consider some of the free online marketing methods that are available to you. Social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter give you the potential to reach out to millions of people, completely free of charge. The drawback is that social network marketing takes time, and will require some skill in order to be effective.

With social network marketing the goal is to post things which large numbers of people will find interesting. This can be information, pictures, videos, articles, or status updates. While you do want to promote your company, it is important to remember that social networking is a conversation, and it will require you to say things which will be interesting to other people. That is why you do not want to just blast your marketing messages over and over again.

Search engine optimization and search engine marketing is another free way to get visitors to your site. While this is not an exact science, there are certain things that you can do to help a website rank better in the search engines for certain keywords. This is natural, organic ranking, and will not require you to bid on keywords. Basic SEO advice includes making sure that you have a fast host, pages that load quickly, proper title, description, and ALT meta tags, and headers placed in appropriate H tags.

One of the best ways to rank high in the search engines for free is to start a blog. The search engines love content, especially the kind of regularly updated content that blogs often produce. You can get a blog free of charge from Blogger or Wordpress. If you have a little technical expertise you can also install the Wordpress software directly on your own server.

With blogging you want to use the same rules that you do in social networking. You can promote your products sometimes. However you want to intersperse this amongst posts about interesting, related topics. You also want to try and update your blog as regularly as you can. The more that you update it, the more free traffic you will get coming into your site.

The two basic ways to get traffic to your site include using the search engines such as Google, or the social networking sites such as Facebook. When paying for advertising, you can choose to bid on very specific customers and keywords who will see your ads at certain times and in certain locations. Organic free traffic will require time and effort to create content that people are interested in. In most cases both methods should be employed to ensure marketing success.

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