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Survive Google Penguin


Were you struck from behind by Google's recent “Penguin” update? If you're one of the thousands of web masters, marketers, and SEOs who were penalized heavily by this recent algorithm change then you will want to find a way to recover. In this article you are going to discover the most powerful “insider secret” that will help you to beat Google's Penguin update. Not only will you be able to recover lost rankings and traffic, but you will also build your online business into something stronger than it ever was before.

The most shocking fact about the Penguin update of April 2012 is that it came as no surprise for those in the know. Anyone who had been following trends in Google's search algorithm (or anyone who had kept their finger on the pulse of the SEO community for that matter) had been preparing for such a change for quite some time. This isn't because there is some privileged syndicate who get advance access to all the important Google changes before anyone else. Instead, anyone who has closely followed the news coming from Google will understand what the company are looking for in terms of search results.

Since the “Panda” update of 2011, Google have made it clear that they want to deliver higher quality content to search users. This particular update punished “content farm” websites that were full of filler content that offered little in the way of value to readers. Penguin then followed on from this by penalizing websites once again for poor content, as well as websites that were focusing on generating inbound links more than trying to provide value to readers.

Therefore, if you want to beat the Google Penguin update you need to focus on the quality of your on-site content. This is now the most important search metric, and it is unlikely that this will change in the foreseeable future. Google clearly wants more websites that focus on providing exceptional quality content that informs and entertains, as opposed to websites that would rather try and force their way up the search engine rankings through link building.

If your website(s) were penalized following Google's Penguin algorithm update then the most important thing you can do is increase the quantity (and quality) of content on your website. The days of thin affiliate sites appear to be limited, for the most part. For example, if you have 20 articles on your website at present, aim to expand this to 40. However, you should add content on a slow and consistent basis, in order to demonstrate to Google that you are serious about making the necessary changes.

Even more important than adding more content, articles, or blog posts is making sure that the quality of what you deliver is very high. It is not merely enough to throw another 50 spun articles on your site and hope for first page rankings. Instead, you need to invest time (or money if you would prefer to outsource) into creating stellar content that is totally unique and fresh. Think from the perspective of your potential readers – are you adding something to your website that they would benefit from reading? If the answer to that question is a resounding “yes” then feel free to add it. However, if you are adding bland content for the sake of expanding your website then you need to revise your strategy.

You should not simply ignore link building. However, in the volatile post-Penguin web climate it is crucial that you wholeheartedly focus on providing exactly what Google is looking for. Google have made it clear through the deployment of two successive updates that they are targeting websites which do not offer much in the way of informative value or entertainment to visitors. Therefore, if you want to beat Google's Penguin update you must increase both the quantity and quality of content on your website.

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