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Creating and maintaining a blog is a lot of work. Rather than letting that work go down the drain, put to work certain practices that will increase the number of visitors going to your blog. Remember, the more visitors your blog receives the more you spread your ideas around the Internet and the world.

Follow and comment on other blogs. You need to seek out other blogs that are interesting to you. It is best if these blogs are at least somewhat related to the subject matter of your blog. Instead of just reading the posts on these blogs, regularly leave comments and engage the blog owner and other visitors in genuine conversations. Your comments cannot revolve around telling everyone about your blog, or you will be ignored or even blocked by the blog owners. List on your user profile the address of your blog, or add it to your signature so it shows up each time you leave a comment.

Use optimized language, while still making it natural to read. SEO or search optimized language is a method of including a certain keyword several times throughout a webpage or blog post. Optimized language can help increase your blog’s rankings in search engine results, potentially driving more traffic to it. Your blog’s language should still feel natural and easy to read, otherwise people will not spend long on it and will not return later.

Host guest bloggers. Having other bloggers write posts for your blog can be a way to drive traffic you would not otherwise see on your blog. Don’t choose just anyone for a guest blogger, but instead find bloggers who write on a similar subject as your blog or who write on a subject you think those who frequent your blog would find interesting. Try to find guest bloggers with large followings, and encourage your guest bloggers to post a link to their guest post on their blogs so their followers visit your blog.

Use pictures with every post. Most people like to look at a picture as they read about something: just look at any magazine or newspaper. Your blog should make use of interesting pictures that go along with each post. If you are writing a post about armadillos, post a picture of an armadillo. People trolling the Internet for pictures might stumble across your blog and become intrigued by what you have written in your posts, potentially leading to return traffic at a later date.

Include social media sharing buttons. You might see little buttons at the bottom of articles on news websites or other blogs. These buttons allow people to share your blog posts on Facebook, Twitter or other social media websites with a single mouse click. Your blog’s formatting might already be setup to include the buttons at the bottom of each post, meaning you only need to check a bog in the settings menu.

Use tags for your posts and your pictures. You should never publish a blog post without tags. Search engines use tags on blog posts to help categorize the post. If you write a blog post about sharks, you might want to include a “sharks” or “sea life” tag. Don’t go crazy with post tags, though. Keep it to a maximum of six tags per post. Also, name your picture files the subject matter of the picture. For example, if you use a picture of a mountain, label it “mountain.” Search engines also sort picture results partially based on the file names of the pictures.

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