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Say what you want about Pinterest, but it looks like the image-based social networking site is here to stay. According to AllThingsD, a recent report by Monetate forecasts that Pinterest will become “the most significant driver of social traffic to e-commerce sites by the end of the year — besting more mature networks like Facebook or Twitter.”

Of course, the above-mentioned report is based on just one company’s studies, and forecasting how a site will perform in the future isn’t an exact science. Still though, Pinterest’s wide reach and popularity undoubtedly makes it a force to be reckoned with.

With that said, don’t let yourself get left behind. Be sure to optimize your Pinterest account and include it in your online marketing strategy. Need a little help? The following tools below should effectively help you in widening your reach, analyzing your performance on the site, and making your content much more “pinnable”.


Share As Image


1. Share As Image – Perfect for bloggers and content creators, Share As Image allows users to highlight text on a page, and make it pinnable. Simply download the bookmarklet from their website and you’ll be able to start converting text into images. The tool has a free version that turns text into a simple black and white image, while its paid version which costs $2.99, allows users to customize their pins and change the text’s background color, font type, and font size.




2. PinAlerts – Always be in the know whenever someone Pins something from your website. PinAlerts sends you an email whenever someone hits the Pin button on your site, ensuring that you’ll never miss the chance to thank them. Alerts can be sent on a real-time, hourly, daily, or weekly basis.

Aside from giving you the opportunity to reach out to the people that pinned your images, knowing which images are pinned from your website can give you a lot of insights on what your most popular posts or items are.




3. PinReach – Looking to gauge your effectiveness on Pinterest? Then allow PinReach to grade your Pinterest account. PinReach gives each Pinterest user a score from 0 - 100 depending on how well that user is doing. And while the exact formula for the score is kept secret, PinReach states that their score is based on “a combination of various social activities you complete while using Pinterest.” It’s important to note that not all Pinterest actions are created equal, and some activities have more impact on your PinReach score than others. As an example, PinReach states that “repins have far greater impact on your score than simply pinning something new. Of course, in order for your score to increase you need to engage and pinning is a critical piece to that process, but at any given time repins carry more weight than pins.”


Pinterest Tab for Facebook Pages


4. Pinterest Tab for Facebook Pages by Woobox – Woobox, a company that provides various Facebook tabs for businesses, now offers a Pinterest tab for those that wish to show off their pins on Facebook. This is a great tool that offers two main benefits. For one, you could potentially get more Pinterest followers by allowing your Facebook fans to see your Pins through your Page; and for another, having a Pinterest tab on your brand’s Facebook account will engage users and keep them on your Page longer. Aside from a having a user-friendly set up process, this tool also comes with data and analytics to give you insights on your clicks and visits.




5. Repinly – Want to get the pulse of the Pinterest community? Then Repinly is the way to go. This site gives you the lowdown of who’s who on Pinterest and what people are pining. Get lists of top pinners, top categories, and popular pins and boards. You can also sign up for an optional account and get your overall Pinterest score that’s based on your popularity, activity, and influence on the site.




6. url2pin – If you have a site with multiple images and can’t decide which one to pin, then consider pinning the whole page instead. Url2pin is a tool is a tool that lets you do just that. Simply enter the URL of the page that you want to pin, click submit, and the tool will generate a pinnable screen shot for the page.




7. VitaminCR – Spruce up your pins and boards by “splicing” your photos and creating dynamic and eye-grabbing images. Spliced images and boards are bound to turn more heads and make you more Pin-worthy.




8. Pinerly – Whether you’re running a marketing campaign on Pinterest, or you’re simply curious on how you’re doing on the site, Pinerly can get you the stats and analytics that you need. The site provides data to let you see everything from your re-pins and likes, to your posts’ click-through rates. Measure each pin’s performance and determine what you should be pinning. Pinerly aims to offer the most relevant stats in order to “eliminate the guessing of what works and doesn’t.” Throughout your campaign, Pinerly also provides tips on what to pin and who to follow allowing you to make the most out of Pinterest. Unfortunately, Pinerly is not yet open to the public. You can however, gain early access by submitting your email address, and sharing your unique Pinerly link to your network. If you get 1 friend to sign up using your unique link, you’ll be able to gain a sneak peek at Pinerly. Get 5 friends to sign up, and you’ll receive an early invite, while 10 friends signing up with get you some bonus features.




9. PinMe – This site has a simple message: “You may not be on Pinterest, but your site may already be pinned!” Developed by MarketMe Suite, PinMe is a simple tool that tells you if images from your site have been pinned. Just enter your URL and hit the submit button. Even if you’re not very active on Pinterest, it’s best to still keep PinMe on your radar, as it will let you determine who’s sharing your images on the web.




10. Pinstamatic – Believe it or not, sometimes pictures just aren’t enough on Pinterest. If you really want to make a statement, why not pin your Twitter profile, location, or even the song that you’re listening to? Pinstamatic is a tool that lets you do all that and more. It allows you to pin quotes, calendar dates, locations, Spotify tunes, and even Twitter profiles and it’s ideal for promoting events, songs, and social media accounts.

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