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There is an increasing business presence on Facebook in the shape of companies and brands that are actively engaging and interacting with their target audience. But what many business owners don't realize when they start out with Facebook marketing is how difficult it is to get your posts to appear in fans' newsfeeds.

Just like Google, Facebook uses complicated algorithms to calculate the relevancy of a post to the user. So, to increase the visibility of your posts you need to do a little Facebook optimization. There are currently two ways of achieving greater visibility for your posts on Facebook: the paying method and the free method. Let us take a look at the free method first.

Facebook uses four main attributes to determine if a post will end up on a user's newsfeed.


When a fan responds to your posts on a regular basis, then you have affinity with that fan. The more interaction there is between your page and your fans, the more likely it will be that your posts will feature prominently in their newsfeeds. You can encourage this type of interaction by asking questions and responding to fan queries.

Type of Content

The type of content is also referred to as “weight” by Facebook. Content in the form of an image or video carries more weight than a text update. The reasoning behind this is that these type of updates have a higher attraction value, so Facebook makes them more visible in fans' newsfeeds.

Time of Posting

Newer posts take precedence over older posts. Nothing strange about that. However, because of the high volume of posts on the social network, your posts can easily be shifted down the rankings. The best time to post your updates is when your target audience is logged in and active.

Fan Appreciation

The more likes or shares that a post receives, the more importance is given to this post in fans' newsfeeds. Facebook sees fan appreciation as a sign that the content is interesting and of a high standard. When a large number of fans show appreciation for a post, the post will become more visible to other fans who have not reacted to it yet.

If this sounds like too much hard work for you, you can pay to get your posts onto people's newsfeeds. Facebook recently introduced a feature called “promoted posts”. The cost can vary from a mere five dollars to three hundred dollars per post, depending on the number of people that you want to reach.

Promote Your Page Posts

To promote a post on Facebook you first need to create your post. Next, you click on the Promote button to the left of the Post button, and you will see a drop-down menu and a space in which you can specify how much you want to spend to promote this post. Click Save to close the window. Once you have done this, you will be able to promote recent posts by simply clicking on a post's Promote button and choosing a budget according to the number of people that you want to reach.

It is worth mentioning that you do need at least 400 likes on your page before you can start using this feature, but when you start promoting posts in this way, they will stay visible in fans' newsfeeds for up to three days. Once the payment is completed Facebook will also show you how many fans you were able to reach with your promoted posts.

There you have it: two different ways of gaining visibility on Facebook. An advantage of promoted posts is of course that they appear in fans' newsfeeds with other posts and not in the advertising sidebar, but they are not free. On the other hand, you may think that if you make engaging content it should speak for itself. The question is, can you resist the lure of fast results?

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