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Better Coversion Rate Tips


If you own a website, you have probably been told countless times that traffic is absolutely vital to your success. Increasing the amount of traffic you get to your website will almost certainly increase your revenue, but there is another factor that is equally important.

Your conversion rate is discussed far less frequently, even though it has a great advantage. To get more traffic will take time or expense, whereas you can make some small tweaks to your website and see the results almost immediately. Here are 7 of the most important ways you can impact your conversion rate and, in most cases, earn more money.

Gain trust and credibility
Whether you are selling your own product, operating as an affiliate or earning revenue through advertisements, one of the most important factors to consider is trust. If a visitor lands on your website and does not trust you, they will probably leave very quickly.

To gain credibility quickly you can begin by building a professional website. This will immediately give you an element of authority. To go beyond this, try adding some testimonials from loyal visitors and any trust seals that are available in your industry.

Avoid distractions
The average attention span can be particularly low online, so you want to grab the attention immediately. One of the simplest ways to do this is to avoid offering too many choices. You want the visitor to look at the text, video or image of your choice without getting distracted.

Where possible, try to simplify your website to avoid people clicking from one page to the next before leaving. You may find that a simple, clean website is more popular and gets better results. This is one factor that can vary considerably though, so monitor your conversion rate during tests.

Split test as much as possible
As mentioned above, you can change something about your website and find that results vary. You only find this out when you split test repeatedly. Do not assume anything in advance, and let the split test give you the results without bias. You can often be surprised.

A basic split test involves creating a variation on your website and testing the same amount of traffic to both pages. There are plenty of software options that can do this effectively and give you the results of the test. Only test a single factor at once though, so you know exactly what has had the desired result.

Have a strong call to action
A call to action is important if you want to improve your conversions. One of the most common problems you will notice on a website is the lack of direction. It could be that you are promoting a product directly or recommending an affiliate product, but you need to make it clear to your visitors.

A good call to action will be visible and direct. It could be something as simple as a hyperlink, but try to make it stand out from the rest of your text. Also, focus on the benefit a person will get from clicking the link.

Start an email list
A big problem for conversion rates is a reliance on new visitors. The majority of people who land on your website from an advert or the search engines will never return, even when your content is good quality. Starting an email list is a great way to build a relationship and make continued sales. You might have to delay the initial sale but can often earn far more by developing good rapport.

It is easy to add an opt-in box to your website and, if you add a great incentive, you can get plenty of people to register. Build a great relationship and you can get an exceptional conversion rate using email.

Make your website visually appealing
If you site looks ugly and uninviting, you might be losing out on a large number of sales. There are various ways you can repel a visitor, and they are often easy to fix. Try to look at your website as though you were seeing it for the first time, and show it to friends for another perspective.

If you have large blocks of text, you are unlikely to draw in a reader to your page. Try to split up the page with text, video and images so you create an appealing site, and you could also hire a graphic designer to create a professional logo for you.

Give away a bonus
A bonus is a great way to increase conversions and can be used in a number of different ways. You could add a bonus alongside your main product, as an addition to an affiliate product or to entice someone to join your email list.

An important thing to remember with a bonus is that you must make sure it is good quality. If you provide a poor quality bonus you will instantly damage your credibility, and you will risk further sales over the long term.

These seven factors can all make a big difference to your conversion rate. If each one can add a small increase in sales, when combined they will add up to a lot of extra income. Make sure you test them individually, and find out what gets results in your niche.

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