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It's no mystery that Google loves content. What seems to be a mystery is how much quality has to go into a piece of “quality content” before Google boosts your search ranking. It would appear that many Internet marketers are still trying to take the path of least resistance by using article spinners, cheap content suppliers, and sometimes content scrapers. None of these will bear fruit in the long run.

Why Content Matters

A lot of webmasters give lip service to “quality content.” What does that really mean though? Well, from Google's perspective, it means offering content that is not only fresh but takes a unique perspective on an already existing topic or covers a topic that's never been covered before. That doesn't happen when marketers pay $5 per article, or when they create seed articles and spin them into oblivion hoping to get thousands of backlinks.

There's a lot of wasted effort out there in IM land, and a lot of marketers continue to pay the price. Just look at what happened to all of the folks who bought links through the “build my rank” network. Those people are destroyed. The sites connected to that network took a major hit. Time to start over.

Stop Chasing Links

With quality content, you never have to worry about that kind of thing. That's because an article that covers a unique topic or covers a topic in a new and interesting way gets published across the web spontaneously without much effort on your part. For example, let's say you run a finance website. What's the best way for you to get traffic and exposure? Write a guest blog post and submit it to Wise Bread or any of the other A-List sites. If you get rejected the first time around, keep making submission ideas until someone approves your idea. You almost always get a backlink from the site and a nice mention on the front page.

This translates into a surge of immediate traffic followed by a strong, authoritative, backlink. With enough submissions, you'll start gaining traction in the search engines because other people will start linking to your article which, in turn, links to your site. The kinds of articles that get published on A-List sites only get published if they are of stellar quality. The chances of you getting your backlink and content yanked down is slim to none. You don't have to mess around with content spinners or cheesy marketing tactics to get traffic. You just need quality content and eyeballs.

Start Local, Then Scale Up

Another tactic that works and works well is to start local in your advertising, and then scale up. If you target your ads to your local city, then expand to your state, then to your country and beyond as profits allow, you build up your brand. Google also likes to see this kind of profile in its search engines. It looks natural for a company to start small, and then build up. It looks unnatural for a company to be located in NYC, but only have backlinks, articles, and advertisements posted on Indian, South American, or Chinese websites.

Getting Started

Take a controversial issue in your industry. Write an article about it. If you aren't a good writer, hire someone who is. Then, put out a press release linking back to the article. Follow this up with a good guest blog post, and advertise the article using a quality advertising network. Once people are exposed to your content, and like it, it's safe to ask them to join your mailing list. From there, the sky is the limit.

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