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The day that online video became more accessible was definitely a happy one for Internet users and marketers alike. Streaming video has given online viewers the luxury of watching video clips, music videos, and even movies anytime they want at little to no costs, while advertisers and marketers have been presented with more opportunities to reach customers and increase brand exposure.

Despite the medium’s popularity though, some businesses are still struggling with getting a high ROI from their marketing or advertising videos. For some, the problem lies in lack of resources; production companies can charge an arm and a leg for a 60-second video, while those that try to do it themselves find that equipment and production costs can really add up.

If it’s not the lack of resources, it’s a lack of education. Some marketers produce unsuccessful video campaigns simply because they don’t know how to do it right. After all, creating an effective video goes beyond putting actors or text in front of a camera.

This post will provide you with basic tips on how to create successful videos that will help increase views, awareness, and (hopefully) sales. This article will also point you to certain tools that you can use if you’re low on your budget and looking to produce high-quality videos at limited costs.

Basic Video Tips that Everyone Should Know About

Keep It Short – Most audiences live in fast-paced environments so your video needs to keep up. Whenever possible, keep your video under two minutes—the shorter, the better. If your video is too lengthy, you risk losing your audience’s attention, so practice brevity and get straight to the point.

Have a Strong Start – The first few seconds of your video is crucial, so make them count. Create an introduction that draws people in to ensure that they don’t hit the stop button. Doing this can involve a number of tactics, including the use of mystery, excitement, or appealing to the viewers’ emotions. It all depends on your audience and what you’re trying to communicate.

Make Sure It’s Relevant – This is especially important for advertisers using pre-roll ads. Make sure that your video ads are relevant to whatever the viewers are watching. If your ad is related to the content that your audience is about to see, the chances of them sticking around will greatly increase, and they won’t be inclined to hit the “skip” button.

Include a Call to Action – Like landing pages and display ads, a good marketing video should clearly tell viewers what to do next. Whether it’s clicking on a banner, signing up, or visiting your website, it’s important to include a strong call to action in all your videos. It’s also best to make these CTAs clickable to make things easier for viewers.

Use Video for Branding Purposes – Video isn’t just great for hard sells and calls to action, it could also be used for branding purposes. Just because users aren’t ready to buy your product now, doesn’t mean they’re not interested, so be sure put yourself on your audience’s radar by taking advantage of video’s branding opportunities. Grow viewer awareness by displaying your logo somewhere on the screen. This will give audiences a sense of familiarity and increase the chances of them recognizing your brand in the future.

Video Tools

If your video production problems are related to high costs and expenses, then this section is for you. Like what was previously mentioned, hiring someone to do a video for your company can cost you a pretty penny, so it isn’t recommended if you don’t have enough funds.

Creating a video yourself on the other hand, requires knowledge of video equipment and editing software, so if you don’t have the technical know-how in the video editing field, you could encounter several problems.

Thankfully though, several tools and services that address the above-mentioned issues have already emerged. The following sites below can help you produce a professional video without breaking the bank or pulling your hair out.

FluxVFX – If you’re familiar with Adobe After Effects, then this service is for you. FluxVFX offers templates where all you need to do is add in your own text and graphics. These templates are downloadable After Effects projects that come with easy to edit photo, video, and text areas that you can fill with your content. Simply drag and drop your content and you’re good to go. FluxVFX template designs range from classic to modern, so you’ll definitely find something that suits your style. The site even offers templates for video infographics that can be used to present data in an engaging and interactive way. Prices start at $25 per project, and each download comes with all the source files for the project.

Animoto – Don’t have even the slightest knowledge of video production and editing? No problem. Animoto is a service that also provides templates where you can insert your own content. But unlike FluxVFX, Animoto has a user-friendly online editor that makes it easy for you to create and edit videos. You’ll be able to select photos and video clips from your computer or even from Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, and Instagram. Animoto even has a music library where you can pick from hundreds of tracks across various genres. The service is also very social media friendly, as every Animoto video can be shared via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube with a single click. Animoto provides templates that are appropriate for just about any type of video, from serious and corporate, to light and humorous. Costs are very reasonable, with pricing that starts at free to $41.60 per month.

Xtranormal – If you want your videos to be more animated, then Xtranormal could be the way to go. Gone are the days when you need artists and fancy software to create animated videos. With Xtranormal, if you know how to type, you can make movies. The service allows you to create 3D videos complete with characters, sets, and dialogues in just a few steps. Simply select from Xtranormal’s wide library of characters and environments, type in what you want your characters to say, and their technology will do the rest. Xtranormal lets users create Pixar-like videos without getting too technical. Pricing starts at free to $50 a month.

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