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Have you ever spend countless hours combing through Google's Adwords (keyword) tool to search for the holy grail of keywords for your niche? What happened? You ended up typing in a keyword and sifting through mounds of data, most of which you already knew was incomplete or completely misreported by Google. Then, you tried to guess at the intent of people searching for those keywords, played with exact match, phrase match, and broad match while also checking the competition for those keywords.

In the end, you kinda sorta relied on the competition level as a guide for competition in the organic results when it really only refers to competition in the paid side of things. You tried encasing your keyword in quotes like this: "keyword."



In this example, if you were targeting "dog location services," you might think you've stumbled onto a gem. Look, there's not much competition. You've chosen an arbitrary number of competitors in the search engine that would constitute a "rankable" keyword. Maybe you think under 25,000 competitors would make a keyword easy. In this case, 1,750 makes this keyword phrase very easy. This allegedly low competition keyword should bring you traffic, right? Maybe. What most marketers fail to do is research of the actual market. Keyword tools are fine and dandy, but they don't actually tell you what your market is saying about those keywords. The key word here is intent.

How do you gauge intent? You do it by following around a subset of your target market. In other words, you stalk them. How can you do this without being creepy? Answer: You see, it doesn't matter how many results show up, how many searches people are doing, or what the perceived competition in the SERPs is if you don't have a clue about how to monetize that traffic.

Most marketers are fixated on getting more traffic, cheaper traffic, and diversifying traffic sources rather than converting visitors on their website. Who cares if you have 100,000 visitors if your conversion is 0 percent? Wouldn't you rather have 1,000 visitors a month, but convert 500 of them? Even a 10 percent conversion, or 100 visitors out of 1,000, could yield you a fantastic full-time income.

What Tweet Grid does is take a keyword phrase and scour Twitter for instances of it. You get real people tweeting about your keyword. Now you can tailor your marketing message and figure out how your market tweets about your keyword. Sometimes, you discover that the intent of your keyword is very different from what you initially thought. In this instance, "dog location services didn't pull up any relevant tweets. See:



The way you achieve such high conversions is by listening to your market and then tailoring a marketing message to them, but you have to really tune in to the language that your market is using. People don't talk about "dog location services," they talk about how they've lost their dog and if you know anything about losing a pet, it's a very emotional experience. Let's try "missing dog":



Wow. Look at that. This niche says a lot about this keyword phrase, and it uses it in very different ways. This is obviously a hot keyword and something that appeals in the context of social media. Now you know how to market to twitter users. Use the words "missing dog" in your Twitter marketing campaign. Use hashtag "#missingdog." Do you think people will find it if you use that hashtag? You bet they will. In fact, you can already be certain of it before you even construct a sales letter or content piece.

Now, just because people don't use the phrase "dog location services" on Twitter doesn't mean that nobody is searching for that term. It just means that no one on Twitter is talking about it. However, even when people are searching for "dog location services" in Google or some other search engine, this Tweet Grid service clues you in as to how to speak the language of your target market. You can even get an idea of how much people will pay someone for information that leads to the return of their beloved canine friend. Look, the sixth message down from the top shows you that some people will pay upwards of $5,000 if you find their dog.

If you market a dog location service, this is an amazing find for you. That's just one niche. Try searching in other niches and see what you come up with. Chances are, Tweet Grid will give you a bird's eye view of how your market thinks, acts, and talks.

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