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Online business and Internet marketing are the most talked about things in the world of modern business. With so much hype, it is hardly surprising that many newcomers to online marketing regard the whole thing with suspicion. Knowing what to believe and what not to believe is essential when it comes to making a success in the highly competitive world of online business. However, if and when you do succeed, the rewards can be great and, for those who are successful, the freedom afforded by a location independent, Web-based income is the greatest boon of all. Before you jump into the world of online marketing with a little too much enthusiasm, however, consider these common myths.



1 – Online Business Is an Easy Way to Get Rich Quick

Easily the most common myth, you will often see and hear outrageous claims, usually from people selling get-rich-quick schemes, about how online business is easy and how it is the way to great riches in minimal time. Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth. Indeed, online business is cheaper and easier to get into than most other self-employment ventures, but it is not going to make you rich overnight with minimal effort on your part. Online business does take time, effort and luck, just like any other business. It is simply a matter of degree. As a general guide, if someone makes a claim which sounds too good to be true, then it almost certainly is.

2 – There Are no Startup Costs

Starting an online business is cheaper than starting almost any other kind of business, but anyone who tries to tell you that there is absolutely no monetary investment involved is lying. While there are plenty of free resources out there to help you get started, such as free Web content management systems, multimedia, tutorials and more, there are still some unavoidable startup costs. These include Web hosting and domain name registration. Fortunately, this accounts for a very minimal investment. However, to make your business grow, you are likely going to need to invest in some software, advertising and various other things.

3 – You Will Have All the Free Time You Ever Wanted

Another common claim, also loved by those trying to peddle get-rich-quick schemes online, is that making a success in the world of online business requires minimal investment in time. Some people will make absurd claims such as how two hours of work per week will lead you to great riches in just a few months. In reality, you will probably have to work more than you otherwise would in a regular day job, at least in the early stages of your online ventures. For this, you will need patience and discipline and these are things that many people fall short of when it comes to working at home.

4 – You Need to Be a Technical Expert

Those with a more negative approach to online business often shrug it off saying that they do not have enough expert IT knowledge to be able to succeed. This is not true. You do not need to be a technical genius to make a success online. On the other hand, the exact opposite to this is also just as much of a myth. Others may say that you need absolutely no knowledge of the Internet and IT whatsoever to get started. In reality, you do need a reasonable degree of familiarity with the core elements of the Internet such as search engines and social media. Not just anyone can succeed in making money online. You do not need to know a thing about coding or other overly technical elements, but a reasonable general knowledge of the online world is essential. In addition to what you already know, however, there is no shortage of free tutorials and other helpful resources to help you along the learning curve.

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