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Everyone is looking for easy link wins. Not everyone is willing to do the follow-through work though. Wait a second. Doesn't "easy link wins" translate into "easy-to-get links"? Sometimes. Sometimes not. Easy link wins means that getting the link doesn't take a lot of effort, but it does take some effort. It's easy in the sense that most people can do this, yet getting the link makes you look credible in the eyes of Google (and other search engines). So, without further ado, here are some easy link wins that should really help you out:

  1. Hit up your Chamber of Commerce. People often overlook this one, but it's a simple link to get. If you're a business, you should join the local Chamber of Commerce. Besides hosting fancy mixers and networking events, the Chamber of Commerce often maintains a website. Members get links to their site. Easy as pie. if you haven't done so yet, contact your local Chamber and ask about it. They're probably wondering why you won't let them link to you.
  2. Contact charities you contributed to. They often maintain a website and list all of the generous donors. While you might not think of giving to charity as a way of increasing your search rank, it's totally legitimate and an easy backlink. Charities often don't know much about SEO, and just want to recognize those who have made a valuable contribution to an important cause. As long as you really believe in the charity, there's nothing wrong with having a link pointing to your site.
  3. Straight-up paid ads can work wonders. You might not get improved rankings from a paid ad, but paid ads can definitely drive traffic to your site. The key to making paid ads work for you is to craft a killer headline. Headlines are often responsible for 80 or more percent of your response rate on short ads. If your visitors are viewing a longer, advertorial-style, ad, then the offer you make at the end is actually the most important part of the ad copy, with the headline being important insofar as it gets the user to click through to your site.

    Don't underestimate the value of click-through traffic. A well-placed paid ad can return many times what a so-called "free" organic listing can. Work with traffic brokers, buy pay-per-click advertising, or pay for banner ads in ezines. All of these things can have a tremendous effect on your traffic numbers.
  4. Seek out niche organization that don't exist for SEO reasons. Is your website about old classic cars? Seek out websites devoted to the history of classic cars. A lot of these kinds of sites are out there that don't exist for SEO purposes. They exist because they want to provide information to people in the industry, but they aren't there to rank on page one of Google. Maybe the site's design isn't so great. Maybe the organization just threw up a site just to have some kind of web presence. These are the most trusted sites on the Internet sometimes. Google knows these kinds of sites don't exist to game its algorithm and often give them more weight in the search engine.
  5. Find resource sections of niche sites. If you type "you keyword" + "resources" or "resource section" or "links" into any search engine, you'll likely find resource sections or link pages pertaining to your industry. Websites that have resource areas often label them as such, making them really easy to find. Contact the webmaster and present your case for including your link on his site.


Building links to your site is sometimes a long and arduous process - especially if you're doing all of the work yourself and you are doing it the right way: manually. Because of this, it's often tempting to bring in an SEO company so that you can delegate the $7 per hour work to them while you focus on more important things.

In doing so, do not lose sight of what makes these easy link wins possible. They are all built on merit. You are physically picking up the phone and calling every business or organization and asking them for a link back to your site because you can offer them something of value (to their visitors) in return. Once that value proposition evaporates, you're back to link-spamming and that's not good for anyone.

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