14 Reasons Why You Should Include Buffer in Your Social Media Strategy

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Buffer, an innovative social sharing app, has been making waves in the Twitterverse and beyond since it first launched in 2010. Not only has it been covered by just about every tech blog and news site on the web, the app has managed to garner over 150 million users because of its excellent capabilities and features that allow people to save time and get more results.

Buffer supports Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn which is perfect for anyone managing multiple social media accounts. Instead of visiting these sites one by one, you can simply schedule and manage your posts all from one interface.

If you aren’t using Buffer in your online and social media strategy yet, check out the list below and see why the app could be the perfect addition to your social media utility belt.


1. Tweets are optimized automatically – Sure, there are tons of tools out there that let you schedule your posts, but what makes Buffer stand out is that it schedules your tweets, Facebook, and LinkedIn posts with a push of a button. No need to add the date and time manually, with this app, you can do it all with one click. What’s more, Buffer schedules posts at optimal times to ensure that your tweets, links, and messages get the most exposure. Want to do the scheduling yourself? Buffer also gives users the options to have manually set timeslots for posts.

2. Buffer seamlessly integrates with all the coolest browsers – Buffer is available as an extension/plugin for Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari. The Buffer extension sits as a button on your browser that you can click when you want to tweet the current web page that you’re browsing. For example, if you come across an informative blog post, you can simply hit the Buffer button and it will give you the option to either send it immediately or schedule it at a later time.


3. There’s a Buffer button for blogs posts – If have a blog, you can add the Buffer button on your website to make it easier for readers to schedule posts. The button works the same way as the Facebook Like or Tweet buttons, and can be included as social sharing option on your site.

4. The Buffer WordPress plugin works like a charm – Automatically publish posts from your WordPress blog via your Buffer account. This WordPress plugin allows you to send your posts to Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn using Buffer’s efficient scheduling and optimization tool.

5. It has a clean, easy-to-understand interface – Buffer’s features and functionality are extremely easy to understand mainly because it has a sleek and clean interface. Unlike other programs that try to include numerous buttons and tons of information, Buffer keeps everything simple and easy to navigate. Not to mention, all features can be accessed with one click.

6. You can add Facebook posts to Buffer – On Facebook, the last thing you want is to invade or flood the News Feeds of your fans. Being too aggressive when it comes to Facebook posts can annoy users and give them a reason to unlike you. It’s best to spread out those updates throughout the day or week, and one of the easiest and quickest ways to do this is through the use of Buffer.

7. You can add LinkedIn posts to Buffer – Keep your professional network continuously updated by including your LinkedIn account to Buffer. LinkedIn is the third social network that Buffer included in its family, and scheduling posts and updates is as easy and seamless as the previous social networks.


8. You can add ReTweets to Buffer – Retweets are great, but they can get annoying if you retweet several posts in a short amount of time. Use Buffer to spread out your retweets so you don’t end up flooding your followers’ Twitter streams.

9. It offers real-time analytics – Buffer offers real-time analytics for every post you schedule. You’ll see the number of retweets, replies, clicks, reach, and favorites of each tweet you send out. For Facebook and LinkedIn, Buffer displays the number of comments, likes, clicks, reach, and shares for each post. Aside from being recorded in real-time, Buffer’s analytics dashboard gives you the convenience of seeing your social media data for Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn in one place.


10. You can easily thank people for Retweeting you right from the Buffer interface – Want to thank the users that Retweeted your posts? With Buffer, you don’t have to go all the way to Twitter to do so. The app has a thank you button in the analytics page that allows you to type up a quick note that you can schedule from the interface. Buffer also has a reply button for responding to people that favorited or interacted with your tweets.

11. You can follow people that interacted with your Tweets right from the Buffer interface – Aside from the thank you and reply buttons, Buffer also lets you follow people right from the interface. If a user interacts with your post (i.e. by Retweeting, replying , or marking it as favorite), you’ll be able to follow them by hovering over that user and hitting the follow button.

12. You can Buffer via Email – Don’t have the Buffer app in your smartphone or browser? You can still schedule tweets via email. Every Buffer user gets a unique email address that you can send tweets to. The text of the tweet should be added to the subject field, while the link should be in the body of the email. Once you’re done composing the tweet, simply send it to the unique Buffer email assigned to your account.

13. Buffer offers a ton of goodies – Buffer integrates with a wide range of apps and devices. Aside from having apps for various browsers and smartphones, Buffer can be incorporated with several other programs and websites, including Google Reader, Pocket, Digg, Social Bro, IFTTT, Shareaholic, and more.

14. The free version is super functional – All the above-mentioned features are available for free at Those who want more functionality though, can opt for Buffer app’s “awesome” version for $10 a month. The paid version allows you to have unlimited posts, 12 social media profiles and 2 team members.

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