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Do not buy Facebook Fake Likes


With so many people buying fake "Likes" on Fiverr, or some other "gig" site, there ought to be a way for honest people to get honest "Likes" on Facebook. After you've introduced your website to all of your personal contacts, it's time to think about a larger strategy. This one is courtesy of James Altucher and goes something like this:

1) Be in charge of your own promotion. A lot of webmasters think that if they write great content, people will spontaneously link to their website. Maybe that's true, but maybe not. If you're doing nothing to promote yourself, then you should expect nothing in return. Yes, Google might pick up on those long-tail keywords, and help you out with them in the SERPs. However, if you're after social traffic, then you will need to give yourself a boost or have an offer so unique and compelling that people are going to call you on the phone begging you to let them link to your site (i.e. you discovered the cure for cancer or AIDS).

2) Use There are a lot of people on the Internet that don't know who you are. That's fine. FanNewsCast can fix that. FanNewsCast can set up special tabs on your Facebook fan page and allow users access to content they they are interested in. Users might not know who you are, but they still have interests. Give them what they want. Guess what? If you give them what they want, they will a) return to your fan page for more content and b) they'll want to know who is giving them all this great information. In a way, you transform your Facebook page into a hub for not only your own website but for other site and news in your niche or industry. FanNewsCast can set up ads that target the friends of people who are already connected to your website. This company will also work with other marketing companies to update your fanpage for you.

3) Use This company can help you set up a mobile ad campaign. If you're a local business, going mobile could be one of the smartest moves you make. They help with ad creation, and can even find peculiarities between smartphone users, adjusting ads accordingly to optimize click-through ratios. You get feedback on what's working, and the company acts like your own personal marketing department - testing and tweaking your ads for maximum impact.

4) Use All of this advertising requires a lot of maintenance. This is where you need the help of This company will help with daily maintenance on your fan page. will update your fan page each day for you based on your instructions. If you're using FanNewsCast and, you can tell to follow suit and post according to what the other two companies have discovered are optimal times to post to your fan page.


That's the three-step process outlined by Altucher. It's simple, and it works. It's resulted in him getting over 100,000 fans. Even his wife has done well on her yoga page. Most of your competitors won't do this. Even though the process is simple and proven, buying fake "likes" is still easier. Doing nothing is easier. People tend to gravitate to what's easier. Business isn't easy. If you want to succeed, take the harder road - the road less traveled. In this case, at least someone else has knocked down a few of the weeds for you already.

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