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A lot of folks are having problems getting Wikipedia links to stick. Editors are brutal, and the review process can seem like someone is unfairly taking your hard earned work and not crediting you with a job well done. You have to understand something about Wikipedia: links are extremely hard to get. That's what makes them so darned valuable. Getting a link to stick will mean that you've made it through a very serious editing process and have had some of the toughest editors on the planet give you a thumbs up. Before you can claim victory, however, you have to add value to the site. There are basically two ways to do this:

1) Write a Wiki page

2) Become a trusted editor


Writing a Wiki Page

To write your own page, all you need to do is fill in the gaps somewhere on a popular Wikipedia page. Keep in mind that, as far as Wikipedia is concerned, you don't own any of the material you publish. Yes, it's brutal. Anything you contribute will be ripped off, torn to shreds, and probably edited beyond recognition. You might lose your link that you try to place here, but the odds of this happening are somewhat slim if you position yourself properly. Making a new page on Wikipedia means that you have to come up with enough well-sourced content that it can't rightfully be placed on another page in the site. If you're a new editor, be prepared to fight with other editors. Some of them are pretty awful and unfair. You're going to have to grow some really thick skin.

Find a page that gets a lot of traffic. Then, find some missing information within that page. Next, dedicate an entire Wikipedia page to the subtopic. Finally, make sure your article is well written, researched, and sourced. You'll need to provide a lot of references for your article. Naturally, at least one of them should be a site you own, control, or that links back to a site you own and control.

Now comes the tricky part. You'll have to link to your new Wikipedia page from at least one other popular page. Some of the traffic from the popular Wikipedia page will flow through to the page you just created. If you link from enough existing popular pages on Wikipedia, you'll get a serious influx of traffic. As long as you have a lot of very good sources to back up your article, and you've done a good job writing it, you should be relatively safe from editors - though there's no guarantee of it. With any luck, traffic will flow from your Wikipedia page to your site. Presto - permanent Wiki traffic. As a bonus, Wikipedia ranks very high in the search engines so you should expect higher rankings over time.

Become a Trusted Editor

Becoming a trusted editor is a very long-term proposition. You'll have to do a lot of editing without dropping a link to your site. After you've gained a good reputation, participated in a few article projects that aren't related to your website, contributed to the community, and have become somewhat well-known, go ahead and start editing pages related to your niche. Once in a while, drop a link as a reference. Wait for the traffic to follow.


Getting Wikipedia links can be harder than being published in a trade journal. If you're willing to be persistent, however, it can be well worth the effort. Wikipedia is one of the most trusted sites on the Internet. It's almost immune from Google slaps, and even if some of its pages are filtered out of the search results or pushed down a few places, it still dominates Google and Bing. Not only that, Wikipedia gets direct traffic and referral traffic from all over the web. If you can get a piece of this pie, it will bring a lot of traffic stability to your site.

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